Summary of Posts: September 16th 2012

by Emily Roberts on September 16, 2012

If there were no dogs, books would probably be man’s best friend. The only ordeal that bookworms have to deal with is choosing from all those titles available to them (and probably finding enough shelf space). We try to resolve this with a cycle of stories regarding must-read titles and the good old advantages of reading.

  • Summer reading is always fun to do – you keep everything light and easy, going with the flow, as they say. If you ask anybody for book suggestions, there’s a huge chance that he/she would suggest 50 Shades of Grey. If you are looking for something that doesn’t have 50 or any number of shades this summer, check out Rebecca Eisenberg’s visual recommendations.
  • Channeling the classic literary of your forefathers? Then this list of 100 must-read books should be one fit for you. Ernest Hemingway and the gang will keep you company when you need one.
  • If you want to get somebody’s attention, all you have to do is mention death once or twice. It seemed effective enough for Matt Barone and Ross Scarano, who meshed together a list of 50 Books to Read Before You Die.
  • Reading is one of the healthiest hobbies ever since print ever came to existence. Glen Stansberry shares his take on the many ways that reading can make you a better version of yourself.
  • There are people who think that they have a need to read “faster” and go on measures to try and improve their reading speed. One advocate of such idea is Tim Ferriss, who authors this post about scientific speed reading.
  • The benefits of reading cannot be emphasized enough. It is an activity that chooses no age, sex, or race. The growth of the mind is often said to be stronger than the growth of the physique, and reading contributes well to this development. Check out this week’s commentary, “Feeding Your Inner Worm.”

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