Tom Clancy

by Emily Roberts on October 4, 2013

Tom ClancyTom Clancy will be sorely missed by avid readers of his many novels, 17 of which were on New York Times best sellers lists. In passing too young, at the age of 66, the author leaves behind a legacy of iconic stories, many following visionary takes of international intrigue and espionage with central character Jack Ryan. Clancy, who always humbly said that he just got lucky as a writer, was an ex-insurance salesman who became the favorite novelist of not only ordinary people, but also Presidents and military leaders. His first book, “The Hunt for Red October” was given a surprise review of “the perfect yarn“, when President Ronald Reagan received the book as a Christmas gift.
If you are among those who have not read the iconic stories of Tom Clancy, now would be a great time to begin. For those who are faithful fans, now is the time to begin again. His attempt to weave accurate accounts of fictional intrigue never disappoints the reader. He unknowingly gave a preview glimpse of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when he described a fictional attack on the U.S. Capital by a suicidal terrorist using a jet airplane. It is said that one military leader was always amazed and impressed by Clancy’s ability to take only public facts and write unbelievably accurate details of military subjects.
New readers to author Tom Clancy…begin the adventure!! Seasoned readers….begin again!!! Rent your copies of Tom Clancy’s novels today!!

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