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Crazy Love

Leslie Morgan Steiner

Leslie Morgan Steiner met the love of her life at age 22, soon after graduating from Harvard and starting her first job at Seventeen magazine in New York. She fell for his self-deprecating wit and street smarts – and especially his ...

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Published: Apr 2009

Opposite of Fate, The

Amy Tan

Amy Tan was born into a family that believed in fate. In The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings, she explores this legacy, as well as American circumstances, and finds ways to honor the past while creating her own brand of destiny. S...

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Published: Jun 2004

Cheney: The Untold Story of America's...

Stephen F. Hayes

New York Times bestselling author Stephen F. Hayes delivers a comprehensive portrait of one of the most important political figures in modern times.

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Published: Aug 2007

A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Dou...

Reza Kahlili

The true story of a former CIA operative recruited out of Iran while serving as a member of the secretive and feared Revolutionary Guards.

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Published: May 2010

Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraor...

M. D. Dosa

An otherwise ordinary cat he'd sooner give you his back than curl up on your lap Oscar has the uncanny ability to predict when people are about to die. Adopted by staff members at Steere House nursing home when he was a kitten, the th...

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Published: Feb 2010

Chanel Bonfire

Wendy Lawless

By the time Wendy Lawless turned seventeen, she'd known for quite some time that she didn't have a normal mother. But that didn't stop her from wanting one . . .Georgann Rea didn't bake cookies or go to PTA meetings; she wore a mink c...

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Published: Feb 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

Alyse Myers

A personal portrait of a mother and a daughter, Who Do You Think You Are? Explores the profound and poignant revelations that so often can come to light only after a parent has died. Balancing childhood memories with adult observation...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: May 2008

The Swamp Fox: How Francis Marion Sav...

John Oller

In the darkest days of the American Revolution, Francis Marion and his band of militia freedom fighters kept hope alive for the patriot cause during the critical British "southern campaign." Like the Robin Hood of legend, Marion and h...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Oct 2016

Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of...

Lisa Rogak

Since his arrival at The Daily Show in 1999, Jon Stewart has become one of the major players in comedy as well as one of the most significant liberal voices in the media and on television today. In Angry Optimist, Lisa Rogak charts hi...

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Published: Sep 2014

Letters of a Woman Homesteader

Elinore Pruitt Stewart

Told with vivid gusto by a young, fiercely determined widow, this towering classic of American frontier life paints a candid portrait of her work, travels, neighbors, and harsh existence on a Wyoming ranch in the early 1900s.

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Published: Sep 2008

A. Lincoln: A Biography

Ronald C. White Jr

In this important new biography, Ronald C. White, Jr. offers a fresh and fascinating definition of Lincoln as a man of integrity — what today's commentators are calling "authenticity" — whose internal moral compass is th...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Aug 2011

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of O...

Chelsea Handler

In this raucous collection of true-life stories, actress and comedian Chelsea Handler recounts her time spent in the social trenches with that wild, strange, irresistible, and often gratifying beast: the one-night stand.

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Published: Aug 2008

President's House, The: A First Daugh...

Margaret Truman

As Margaret Truman knows from firsthand experience, living in the White House can be exhilarating and maddening, alarming and exhausting, but it is certainly never dull. Part private residence, part goldfish bowl, and part national sh...

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Published: Jun 2004

Knee Deep in Paradise

Brett Butler

I spent the first twenty years of my life waiting for two men I was reasonable certain would never come back - my daddy and Jesus Christ. I don't wait for them anymore. My dad anyway. And at least with Jesus I didn't spend all that...

Abridged MP3-CD
Published: Sep 2008

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Vo...

Alfred Lansing

This is a thrilling account of one of the most astonishing feats of exploration and human courage ever recorded. In August of 1914, the British ship Endurance set sail for the South Atlantic. In October, 1915, still half a co...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Jul 2007

A Life Decoded: My Genome---My Life

J. Craig Venter

Growing up in California, J. Craig Venter didn't appear to have much of a future. An unremarkable student, he nearly flunked out of high school. After being drafted into the army, he enlisted in the navy and went to Vietnam, where the...

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Published: Dec 2007

Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity

Kerry Cohen

Some girls turn to alcohol. Some to drugs. Kerry Cohen turned to sex. This is her memoir.

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Published: Jun 2008

Civilization And Its Enemies

Lee Harris

Civilization and Its Enemies is an extraordinary tour de force by America's reigning philosopher of 9/11, Lee Harris. In it, Harris focuses on the next great conflict: the war between the civilized world and the international terroris...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Feb 2005

Jefferson the President, Second Term,...

Dumas Malone

The fifth volume of the Jefferson series is a vibrant account of Jefferson's disparate activities, sponsoring the Lewis and Clark expedition, concluding the naval 'war' with the Barbary pirates, engaging in a political duel with Chief...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Oct 2007

Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted: And A...

Jennifer Armstrong

Mary Tyler Moore made her name as Dick Van Dyke's wife on the eponymous show; she was a cute, unassuming housewife that audiences loved. But when screenwriters James Brooks and Allan Burnes dreamed up an edgy show about a divorced wom...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: May 2013

Hope's Boy

Andrew Bridge

When Andrew Bridge was seven years old, he and his mother—a mentally unstable woman who loved her child more than she could care for him—slid deeper and deeper into poverty, until they were reduced to scavenging for food in trash ...

Abridged MP3-CD
Published: Feb 2008

Change of Seasons: A Memoir

John Oates

John Oates was born at the perfect time, paralleling the birth of rock 'n roll. Raised in a small Pennsylvania town, he was exposed to folk, blues, soul, and R&B. Meeting and teaming up with Daryl Hall in the late 1960s, they develope...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Apr 2017

The Factsist's Autobiography

Philip Roth

The Facts is the unconventional autobiography of a writer who has reshaped our idea of fiction—a work of compelling candor and inventiveness, instructive particularly in its revelation of the interplay between life and art.Philip Ro...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Apr 2010

Finding Grace: A True Story about Los...

Donna VanLiere

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Christmas Hope series comes an inspirational memoir about coming face to face with your deepest heartbreak only to discover your deepest joys.

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Apr 2009

Co. Aytch: The Classic Memoir of the ...

Sam R. Watkins

In this classic memoir of the Civil War, Confederate soldier Sam R. Watkins balances the horror of war with an irrepressible sense of humor and sharp eye for the lighter side of battle.

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Published: Jan 2009

Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an A...

Christopher Andersen

They exploded on the national political scene in 2004 and within four short years captured the ultimate political prize. By the time they claimed the White House in one of the most hotly-contested presidential races in modern history,...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Sep 2009

On Call in Hell: A Doctor's Iraq War ...

Richard Jadick

A riveting memoir from the Navy doctor praised as "Hero, M.D." on the cover of Newsweek. Cdr. Richard Jadick's story is one of the most extraordinary to come out of the war in Iraq. At thirty-eight, the last place the Navy d...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Mar 2007

A G-Man's Life: The FBI, Being 'Deep ...

Mark Felt

In his own words, the man who was 'Deep Throat' reveals how and why he became the mysterious source for Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein back in the days of Watergate. How could a career FBI agent reveal the i...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Apr 2006

The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the ...

Cheryl Jarvis

A kind of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for women in midlife, The Traveling Necklace is the story of thirteen women who took a chance on a $37,000 diamond necklace and learned more than they ever thought possible about themselves...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Sep 2008

Nathan Hale: The Life and Death of Am...

M. William Phelps

Few Americans know much about Nathan Hale other than his famous last words: "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."But who was the real Nathan Hale?M. William Phelps charts the life of this famed pat...

Unabridged MP3-CD
Published: Oct 2008
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