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Magnificent Desolation: The Long Jour...

Buzz Aldrin

Forty years ago, Buzz Aldrin became the second human, minutes after Neil Armstrong, to set foot on a celestial body other than the Earth. The event remains one of mankind's greatest achievements and was witnessed by the largest worldw...

Published: May 2010

We Seven: By the Astronauts Themselve...

Scott M. Carpenter

The heroic story of the Mercury Seven, the pioneer astronauts who risked their lives for America's first manned space voyages.

Published: Jan 2010

Light This Candle: The Life and Times...

Neal Thompson

Alan Shepard was the brashest, cockiest, and most flamboyant of America's original Mercury Seven, but he was also regarded as the best. Intense, colorful, and dramatic, he was among the most private of America's public figures and, un...

Published: Mar 2005

The Last Man on the Moon: Astronaut E...

Eugene Cernan

Eugene Cernan is a unique American who came of age as an astronaut during the most exciting and dangerous decade of spaceflight. His career spanned the entire Gemini and Apollo programs, from being the first person to spacewalk all t...

Published: Jun 2009

The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo As...

Edgar Mitchell

In February 1971, as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell hurtled earthward through space, he was engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness. He intuitively sensed that his presence and that of the planet in the window were...

Published: Feb 2008
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