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Critical Care: A New Nurse Faces Deat...

Theresa Brown

"Doctors heal, or try to, but as nurses we step into the breach, figure out what needs to be done for any given patient today, on this shift, and then, with love and exasperation, do it as best as we can."—from Critical C...

Published: May 2011

Nightingales: The Extraordinary Upbri...

Gillian Gill

Florence Nightingale was for a time the most famous woman in Britain–if not the world. We know her today primarily as a saintly character, perhaps as a heroic reformer of Britain's health-care system. The reality is more involved an...

Published: Sep 2005

Trauma Junkie: Memoirs of an Emergenc...

Janice Hudson

Trauma junkies are people who feed on danger and stress. They do their best work under pressure. Janice Hudson was an adrenaline-charged emergency room nurse in a San Francisco-area hospital when a friend told her about CALSTAR, a f...

Published: Jan 2001

A Nurse's World, Volume III: Things I...

Rachel Andersen

A Nurses World, Volume III: Things I Didn't Learn In Nursing School gives you the unique perspective of Rachel Andersen's experiences, how and why she got started in her nursing career. A nurse doesn't stop giving when she's off the c...

Published: May 2004
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