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Honeymoon with My Brother: A Memoir

Franz Wisner

This is the true story of Franz Wisner, a man who thought he had it all- a high profile career and the fiancee of his dreams- when suddenly, his life turned upside down. Just days before they were to be married, his fiancee called of...

Published: Feb 2006

Into the Wild

Jon Krakauer

What would possess a gifted young man recently graduated from college to literally walk away from his life? Noted outdoor writer and mountaineer Jon Krakauer tackles that question in his reporting on Chris McCandless, whose emaciated...

Published: Jan 1997

Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at La...

Rita Golden Gelman

"I move throughout the world without a plan, guided by instinct, connecting through trust, and constantly watching for serendipitous opportunities." —From the PrefaceTales of a Female Nomad is the story of Rita Golden Gelm...

Published: May 2002

Gringos in Paradise: An American Coup...

Barry Golson

A Year in Provence meets Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House in this lively and entertaining account of a couple's year building their dream house in Mexico.In 2004, Barry Golson wrote an award-winning article for AARP magazine about...

Published: Dec 2008

An Unfinished Odyssey on the Appalach...

Abe Allen

This is the story of a young man who hikes the Appalachian Trail. It is a remarkable saga of emotional and spiritual growth and one individual's relationship to the beauty, danger, excitement and tediousness of the trail.

Published: May 2003

The Hills of Tuscany: A New Life in a...

Ferenc Mate

"Titanic in potential appeal . . . the Mátes do something rare; they go native."—Washington PostThis hilarious, international bestseller is a true-life adventure of a New York City couple moving to Tuscany. Ferenc Máte...

Published: Feb 2010

Educating Alice: Adventures of a Curi...

Alice Steinbach

This funny and tender book combines three of Alice Steinbach's greatest passions: learning, traveling, and writing. After chronicling her European journey of self-discovery in Without Reservations, this Pulitzer Prize—winning column...

Published: Apr 2005

Life in the Left Lane

Emy Thomas

A short and lively nonfiction book about what it's really like for expatriates to live in a tropical island paradise. Written by a journalist who has lived in the islands 35 years, it is an honest, affectionate, and humorous report.

Published: Jun 2002

Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forgotten ...

Linda Lawrence Hunt

In 1896, a Norwegian immigrant and mother of eight children named Helga Estby was behind on taxes and the mortgage when she learned that a mysterious sponsor would pay $10,000 to a woman who walked across America. Hoping to win the wa...

Published: Jan 2005

Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a Tr...

Chuck Klosterman

For 6,557 miles, Chuck Klosterman thought about dying. He drove a rental car from New York to Rhode Island to Georgia to Mississippi to Iowa to Minneapolis to Fargo to Seattle, and he chased death and rock 'n' roll all the way. Within...

Published: Jun 2006

The Village of Waiting

George Packer

Now restored to print with a new Foreword by Philip Gourevitch and an Afterword by the author, this book is a frank, moving, and vivid account of contemporary life in West Africa. Stationed as a Peace Corps instructor in the village o...

Published: Aug 2001

Desperate Voyage

John Caldwell

In May 1946, John Caldwell, stranded in Panama afetr the war, set out single-handed on a 9,000 mile journey aboard the 29-foot Pagan to rejoin his wife in Sydney.

Published: Jan 1991

The Improbable Voyage

Tristan Jones

The Improbable Voyage is the sequel to Outward Leg and is the astonishing account of Tristan Jones' 2,307-mile voyage across Europe in an ocean-going trimaran. Continuing the story begun in OUTWARD LEG, Tristan tells of his round-the-...

Published: Oct 1998

Flying the Hump to China

Steven C. King

A youngster's flying dreams become a reality when he enlists in the Army Air Corps. Flying ever more challenging airplanes, he earns his wings and learns the skills needed to fly the B-24 Liberator. He boards a plane for overseas, his...

Published: Aug 2004

Last of the Donkey Pilgrims

Kevin O'Hara

A heartwarming story of a man who journeys to the land of his people to discover what kind of man he is . . . and, more to the point, what kind of man he could becomeKevin O'Hara was a man who was at the crossroads of life. Newly marr...

Published: Feb 2005

Gods of Noonday: A White Girl's Afric...

Elaine Neil Orr

The daughter of medical missionaries, Elaine Neil Orr was born in Nigeria in 1954, in the midst of the national movement that would lead to independence from Great Britain. But as she tells it in her captivating new memoir, Orr did no...

Published: Aug 2005

In Search of Captain Zero: A Surfer's...

Allan C. Weisbecker

In 1996, Allan Weisbecker sold his home and his possessions, loaded his dog and surfboards into his truck, and set off in search of his long-time surfing companion, Patrick, who had vanished into the depths of Central America. In this...

Published: Sep 2002
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