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Specialization and Trade

Arnold S. Kling

Since the end of the second World War, economics professors and classroom textbooks have been telling us that the economy is one big machine that can be effectively regulated by economic experts and tuned by government agencies like t...

Published: Jun 2016

Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Poli...

Paul Krugman

New York Times Bestseller “A revelation. It showcases the range of Krugman's intellect… and his gift for clear, accessible writing.” —Stephanie Mehta, Washington Post There is no better guide to basic econom...

Published: Feb 2021

Central Banking 101

Joseph J. Wang

Central banking is magic. With a few words, the Fed can lift the stock market out of desperation and catapult it towards euphoric highs. With a few keystrokes, the Fed can conjure up trillions of dollars and fund virtually unlimited F...

Published: Jan 2021

The Shifts and the Shocks: What We've...

Martin Wolf

From the chief economic commentator for the Financial Times—a brilliant tour d'horizon of the new global economy  There have been many books that have sought to explain the causes and courses of the financial and economic crisis th...

Published: Aug 2015
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