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Crystallizing Public Opinion

Edward Bernays

A seminal work on how public opinion is created and shaped, Edward Bernays's 1923 classic Crystallizing Public Opinion set down the principles that corporations and government have used to influence public attitudes over the past cent...

Published: Jul 2011

Damage Control: The Essential Lessons...

Eric Dezenhall

No one knows this better than Eric Dezenhall and John Weber, who help companies, politicians, and celebrities get out of various kinds of trouble. In this brutally honest and eye-opening guide, they take you behind the scenes of some ...

Published: Jun 2011

Please Delete: How Leadership Hubris ...

John Nathan Diamond

"I've made a terrible mistake." So confessed Joy Sharp, a longtime budget director for the University of Arkansas. Trembling and unsteady, she informed her boss that she had lost control of their division's finances. It wa...

Published: Oct 2015

Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to C...

Gregory V. Diehl

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Public Relations and Sales & Selling for Small BusinessDoes your business have a story to tell? It should! From the moment you first opened your doors, you began crafting it. With every new product you release,...

Published: May 2016

Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right th...

Bill McGowan

During the pivotal moments of our lives, results are often determined not only by our actions but also by our words. Saying the right thing the right way can make the difference between sealing the deal or losing the account, advancin...

Published: Sep 2016

Bite the Dog: Build a PR Strategy to ...

Gary Schneeberger

"Whether you are a seasoned communicator or a newbie on the scene, Bite the Dog is a must-read. In his thoughtful and witty way, Gary has effectively explained and modeled the time-tested importance of the art of effective public...

Published: Feb 2018

The Art & Craft of PR: Creating the M...

Sandra Stahl

This book is built around the idea that PR as a communications discipline has no boundaries. It is the PR professional's manual for creating that specific type of mindset and building the necessary skills to meet today's communication...

Published: Jun 2018
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