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Black Kiss II TP

Howard Chaykin

Nearly 25 years ago, Howards Chaykin brought the '80s to a close, and comics to the brink, with his landmark erotic thriller, Black Kiss. Now, after years of anticipation, he's back with Black Kiss II, telling the story behind that le...

Published: Jul 2013

Sex Volume 5

Joe Casey

THE FIFTH VOLUME OF SEX IN BOOK FORM! The saga of Saturn City continues to unfold. Who will live? Who will die? Who will get it on? And who will figure out exactly what it means to be a fully-functioning adult?Collects SEX issues #27 ...

Published: Feb 2017

Magenta: Noir Fatale

Nik Gerra

A raucous mix of femme fatales, bondage and noir, this very handsome new series is vintage risque and kinky, and just as teasing and campy as the best burlesque. When 'Kinky Winky' bondage models Magenta and Lucretia hear of fellow mo...

Published: Jul 2014

Barbarian Chicks & Demons Vol. 7


From the pages of Sizzle comes the continuation of Barbarian Chicks & Demons. One barbarienne gets taken by a savage stone troll, only to find it's possessed by a horny demon lover; A magic mirror gives a new meaning to being in love ...

Published: Oct 2016

Letters for Lucardo: Book 1

Noora Heikkila

Ed Fiedler is an aging a scribe in a royal palace. Lucardo von Gishaupt is a forever-young aristocrat, and member of the mysterious and powerful Night Court. When the two develop feelings for one another, both are forced to contend wi...

Published: Oct 2017

Precinct 69, vol.1 (District 69)

Carlos Jimenez

The hot men and women detectives of District 69 have some unusual methods of getting the crime solved! Their weapons aren't just big guns but their own amazing assets… A tongue-in-cheek cross between action-packed police procedural ...

Published: Oct 2014

Precinct 69, Vol.2

Carlos Jimenez

Another set of action packed police stories that will raise more than your hair! From two chick cops getting down on an informer to get the latest on a suspect only to find out he's been shot dead , to the rich dude who lays the woman...

Published: Feb 2016

Magenta 4 - Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Celestino Pes

The evil villainess Madame Santina has created an unstoppable army of megasexual zombies, and it's up to Magenta and her faithful sidekick Lucrezia to save the day! Or have one hell of a wild night - whichever seems the most fun! Retr...

Published: May 2013

Psycho Kid vs. Psycho Dad

Jesse Ridgway

After shooting his Dad and fleeing to Switzerland, famous YouTuber "McJuggerNuggets" (Psycho Kid) struggles with his own sanity, only to learn that his Psycho Dad isn't actually dead. Psycho Kid seeks out magical elixirs to ...

Published: Dec 2018

Sunstone Volume 3 OGN

Stjepan Sejic

Ally and Lisa are happy, well-adjusted young women, but they're both a little lonely. Ally loves the creativity of being a "domme" in her sex life, but hasn't found the right person to share it with. And Lisa... well, Lisa ...

Published: Sep 2015

Yes, Roya

C. Spike Trotman

An erotic graphic novel created by and for women, Yes, Roya is a period piece set in 1963 California. It features a three-way femdom relationship between one woman and two men. Written with humor and humanity, and drawn with effervesc...

Published: Apr 2017
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