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Vampires: The Recent Undead

Laurell K. Hamilton

The undead are more alive today than ever. Immortal? Indeed! Nothing has sunk its teeth into twenty-first century popular culture as pervasively as the vampire. The fangsters have the freedom to fly across all genres and all mediums -...

Published: Mar 2011

Tales of the Otherworld (Women of the...

Kelley Armstrong

New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong has bewitched audiences with her Otherworld series of supernatural thrillers. Now, in this new collection of shorter fiction, some of Armstrong's most tantalizing lead characters appe...

Published: Mar 2011

Winter Moon: MoontideThe Heart Of The...

Mercedes Lackey

As the moon rises, unimaginable power emerges in this collection of stories that includes Mercedes Lackey’s "Moontide," in which a young woman chooses to follow a Fool and discovers a magic that comes with a high price...

Published: Nov 2005

Strange Brew

P. N. Elrod

Today's hottest urban fantasy authors come together in this delicious brew that crackles and boils over with tales of powerful witches and dark magic!In Charlaine Harris' "Bacon," a beautiful vampire joins forces with a witc...

Published: Jul 2009

By Blood We Live

Stephen King

From Dracula to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; from Castlevania to Tru Blood, the romance between popular culture and vampires hearkens back to humanity's darkest, deepest fears, flowing through our very blood, fears of death, and life, an...

Published: Aug 2009

Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollow...

Kim Harrison

A true queen of urban fantasy—the New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular series featuring bounty hunter witch-turned-daywalking demon Rachel Morgan—the phenomenal Kim Harrison explores the Hollows more deeply than...

Published: Jul 2013

Urban Enemies

Jim Butcher

Villains have all the fun—everyone knows that—and this anthology takes you on a wild ride through the dark side! The top villains from seventeen urban fantasy series get their own stories—including the baddies of New York Times ...

Published: Aug 2017

Strange Candy

Laurell K. Hamilton

In her first collection of short stories, bestselling fantasy and vampire author Laurel K. Hamilton shows her knack for blending the gothic and supernatural with romance and humor. Some of the stories are set in the fantasy world of h...

Published: Jun 2007

Death's Excellent Vacation (Sookie St...

Charlaine Harris


Published: Aug 2013


Sharon Shinn

Four original novellas, all set in the fantastical worlds of national bestselling author Sharon Shinn. National bestselling author Sharon Shinn's Twelve Houses books have fascinated readers and critics alike with their irresistible b...

Published: Sep 2010

Many Bloody Returns

Charlaine Harris

"Clever…entertaining… excellent"(Library Journal) original vampire stories by Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, and more. From cakes to stakes, a celebration of everyone's favorite bloodsucking subculture ...

Published: Feb 2009

Weird Detectives: Recent Investigatio...

Simon R. Green

Paranormal investigators. Occult detectives. Ghost hunters. Monster fighters. Humans who unravel uncanny crimes and solve psychic puzzles; sleuths with supernatural powers of their own who provide services far beyond those normal gums...

Published: Apr 2013


George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin, from his Introduction to Warriors:"People have been telling stories about warriors for as long as they have been telling stories.  Since Homer first sang the wrath of Achilles and the ancient Sumerians set d...

Published: Feb 2013

The Fair Folk

Marvin Kaye

Six stories from some of the most famous names in fantasy-all with one commonthreat-'the fair folk.' From blithe fairies to sinister fey, some are fair, some are foul, all are fantastic. In 'The Kelpie,' by Patricia A. McKillip, a ca...

Published: Jan 2008

The J.R.R. Tolkien Audio Collection

J. R. R. Tolkien

For generations, J.R.R. Tolkien's words have brought to thrilling life a world of hobbits, magic, and historic myth, woken from its foggy slumber within our minds. Here, he tells the tales is his own voice.Of historic note, these sele...

Abridged CD
Published: Oct 2001

The Line Between

Peter S. Beagle

This collection of stories by the author of the well-loved fantasy classic THE LAST UNICORN showcases Beagle's versatility, with stories ranging from mystery to fantasy. Tonally, the writing stays consistently witty and wise throughou...

Published: Aug 2006

Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful

Neil Gaiman

Surrounded by the aura of magic, witches have captured our imagination for millennia and fascinate us now more than ever. No longer confined to the image of a hexing old crone, witches can be kindly healers and protectors, tough moder...

Published: Mar 2012

Magic City: Recent Spells

Holly Black

Bright lights, big city... magic spells, witchcraft, wizardry, fairies, devilry, and more. Urban living, at least in fantasy fiction, is full of both magical wonder and dark enchantment. Street kids may have supernatural beings to pro...

Published: May 2014

The Mountains Won't Remember Us: and ...

Robert Morgan

From the bestselling author of 'Gap Creek,' comes a breathtaking collection of stories about the lives and history of the settlers of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Struggling to survive in an ancient mountain landscape that alternately t...

Published: Oct 2000

Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Unde...

Kelley Armstrong

There's a delicate balance between mental health and mental illness . . . Who are the STRANGERS AMONG US? We are your fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and lovers. We staff your stores, cross your ...

Published: Aug 2016

Passages (Valdemar)

Mercedes Lackey

This fourteenth anthology of short stories set in the beloved Valdemar universe features tales by debut and established authors and a brand-new story from Lackey herself. The Heralds of Valdemar are the kingdom's ancient order of pr...

Published: Nov 2020

Wingfeather Tales

Andrew Peterson

Enter a world of bomnubbles and quarreling cousins, sea dragons and book publishers, thieves and Fangs and secret maps, with brand new tales written by: - Andrew Peterson (The Wingfeather Saga) - Jonathan Rogers (The Charlatan's Boy)-...

Published: Nov 2016

A Horse's Tale

Mark Twain

A classic humorous tale as told from the point of view of horse in the wild, wild west. "I am Buffalo Bill's horse. I have spent my life under his saddle—with him in it, too, and he is good for two hundred pounds, without h...

Published: Nov 2003

Bad Seeds: Evil Progeny

Holly Black

Children are supposed to be all sugar and spice and everything nice... but we know that's not the truth. Dark tales of wicked tykes and dangerous kids playing vicious games that lead adults - sometimes their own parents - to their dem...

Published: Jul 2013

Deadman's Road

Joe R. Lansdale

Deadwood meets Cthulhu in this wild and profane Western romp featuring zombies, werewolves, evil spirits, and one pissed off gun-slinging preacher. The Wild West has never seen the likes of Reverend Jebediah Mercer, a hard man wieldin...

Published: Aug 2013

At the Queen's Command: The First Boo...

Michael A. Stackpole

1763: The Crown Colonies of Mystria are in turmoil, trapped between warring empires and facing insurrection from natives and colonists alike...Captain Owen Strake, a wounded and battle-weary Redcoat of the Queen's Own Wurms, has come ...

Published: Nov 2010

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the Wo...

Patricia Briggs

A collection of short stories featuring Mercy Thompson, "one of the best heroines in the urban fantasy genre today" (Fiction Vixen Book Reviews), and the characters she calls friends…Includes the new stories…"Silver...

Published: Sep 2015

Magic & Mischief

Megan Derr

Homoerotic stories involving griffons, demons, dragons, wizards, and thieves. In The Dragon's Treasure, a dragon obsessed with cleanliness quietly pines over a regular customer to his shop. In The Selkie No One Wanted, a selkie who is...

Published: Aug 2010

City of Saints and Madmen

Jeff Vandermeer

In City of Saints and Madmen, Jeff VanderMeer has reinvented the literature of the fantastic. You hold in your hands an invitation to a place unlike any you've ever visited–an invitation delivered by one of our most audacious and a...

Published: Feb 2006

The Great Bazaar & Brayan's Gold

Peter V. Brett

From the dangerous world of the Demon Cycle comes the early adventures of Arlen, Peter V. Brett's quintessential fantasy hero. These exciting origin tales follow Arlen as he learns to navigate a world where the elemental forces of evi...

Published: Jul 2015
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