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Last Day

Luanne Rice

From celebrated New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice comes a riveting story of a seaside community shaken by a violent crime and a tragic loss.Years ago, Beth Lathrop and her sister Kate suffered what they thought would be th...

Published: Feb 2020

Bad Things

Nancy Bush

Some mistakes you have to live with . . . One victim succumbs to an overdose. Another is brutally bludgeoned to death. Each, in turn, will pay. Because you never forget the friends you make in high school—or the enemies . . . And o...

Published: Jun 2019

Good Girls Lie

J. T. Ellison

Goode girls don't lie…Perched atop a hill in the tiny town of Marchburg, Virginia, The Goode School is a prestigious prep school known as a Silent Ivy. The boarding school of choice for daughters of the rich and influential, it acce...

Published: Sep 2019

The Betrayed Wife

Kevin O'Brien

THE PERFECT FAMILY Sheila O'Rourke has always known her husband isn't perfect. Who is? But things have been better since they moved to Seattle to make a fresh start. So much so that when sixteen-year-old Eden turns up, claiming to be ...

Published: Jul 2019

Right Behind You

Rachel Abbott

Some doors should not be opened. Some can never be closed.Jo Palmer's peaceful and happy life is about to end.Ash - the man she loves - will be arrested by the police. Millie - her precious daughter - will be taken from her.She will l...

Published: Jan 2020

The Last Affair

Margot Hunt

Love may be blind, but obsession's a real killer.Nora Holliday is not that kind of woman. Not the kind who has an illicit affair with a married man. But Josh Landon is everything Nora's alcoholic husband isn't. And now she and Josh ar...

Published: Nov 2019

One Night Gone

Tara Laskowski

“A subtly but relentlessly unsettling novel.” —TANA FRENCH, author of The Witch ElmIt was the perfect place to disappear...One sultry summer, Maureen Haddaway arrives in the wealthy town of Opal Beach to start her life anew—to...

Published: Oct 2019

The Wives

Tarryn Fisher

Imagine that your husband has two other wives.You've never met the other wives. None of you know each other, and because of this unconventional arrangement, you can see your husband only one day a week. But you love him so much you do...

Published: Dec 2019

My Sweet Audrina / Whitefern Bindup

V. C. Andrews

Discover two of V.C. Andrews's most haunting and enthralling novels with this gorgeous volume containing both My Sweet Audrina and Whitefern as they follow Audrina struggling with her family's dark secrets. In My Sweet Audrina, Audrin...

Published: May 2019

What It Seems

Emily Bleeker

A page-turning novel of suspense about the perfect family, and the perfect lies, by the bestselling author of When I'm Gone and The Waiting Room. Adopted by her controlling foster mother at the age of eight, twenty-year-old Tara has ...

Published: Mar 2020

She Was the Quiet One

Michele Campbell

From the author of It's Always the Husband comes a riveting new suspense novel about privilege, power, and what happens when we let ambition take control. For Rose Enright, enrolling in a prestigious New England boarding school is the...

Published: Jun 2019

Run Away

Harlan Coben

A perfect family is shattered when their daughter goes missing in this "brilliantly executed" New York Times bestselling thriller from a "master storyteller" (Providence Sunday Journal). You've lost your daughter....

Published: Sep 2019

Raven Lane

Amber Cowie

The truth can bring out the worst in the best of friends.Esme and Benedict Werner have an idyllic life in a tight-knit community until an accident in their cul-de-sac ends in the tragic sudden death of one of their dearest neighbors. ...

Published: Nov 2019

Desperate Paths

E. C. Diskin

In Eden, the truth can have deadly consequences.Brooklyn Anderson knows it looks bad. She was found wiping down a gun. Her father now dead. His blood on her hands. The incomprehensible nightmare has started.Seven days earlier, Brookl...

Published: Mar 2019

After She Said Yes

Kaya Gravitter

After She Said Yes is a Women's Fiction Novel about Aurora, a magazine editor in Madison, Wisconsin. She finds her way out of an abusive marriage after catching her husband, Gannon, doing something she could never forgive him for. Bat...

Published: Jun 2019

The Secrets We Keep

Mia Hayes

A delicious mix of gossip and darker narrative, The Secrets We Keep is a brilliant look at life in the social media age, friendship, and the stigma of mental illness. Elizabeth Mavery understands that, sometimes, the people who seem t...

Published: Jul 2018

Cold Waters

Debbie Herbert

From USA Today bestselling author Debbie Herbert comes a thrilling story of murder and madness set in the darkest corner of Alabama.Everyone thinks fourteen-year-old Violet is a murderer. After a summer-night swim with her best friend...

Published: May 2019

What We Forgot to Bury

Marin Montgomery

Truth and deceit blur as one woman's desperation twists into another's desire for revenge in this mind-bending psychological novel. Charlotte Coburn has a tragically dark past. But she's safe now. She lives in a gated community, prot...

Published: Apr 2020

The Woman Inside: A Novel

E. G. Scott

"A marital saga so pitch-black it makes Gone Girl look like the romance of the decade . . . [The Woman Inside] resembles past smashes like Big Little Lies and The Woman in the Window."—Entertainment WeeklyAn impossibl...

Published: Jan 2020

The Fallout

Rebecca Thornton

The accident. The lie. The fallout will be huge . . . When Liza's little boy has an accident at the local health club, it's all anyone can talk about. Was nobody watching him? Where was his mother? Who's to blame? The rumours, ...

Published: Apr 2020

All the Lovely Pieces

J. M. Winchester

Motherly love can drive her to the absolute edge…For nine years, Drew Baker has been running from her brutal husband and the dark deeds of the night she left him. Focused on protecting her ten-year-old son, Drew reluctantly settles ...

Published: Aug 2019
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