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A Hiker's Guide to Purgatory: A Novel...

Michael Norton

One morning, attorney Dan Geary, seventy-seven years old, finds himself in the middle of a rolling, polychrome landscape. The greens are bold and bright. Birds sing in the distance. Tall grasses surge like a sea before the wind. He ha...

Published: May 2022

The Dragons of Chiril

Donita K. Paul

Before DragonSpell, on a different continent and a different time, a young emerlindian's desperate decision threatens to disrupt the foundation of the world. Tipper has been caring for her family's estate for years now, ever since he...

Published: Jun 2011

How I Met Peace: An Allegory

Christine F. Perry

Charity feels left behind and unsure where she fits. Her closest friends, Fear, Worry, Condemnation are always pulling her one way or another until she finally finds the strength to leave her hometown of Stay-the-Same. Her launch int...

Published: Aug 2021

Ivan the Fool and Three Shorter Tales...

Leo Tolstoy

The four classic tales in this volume illuminate Leo Tolstoy's radical orientation toward war and commerce, revealing his vision for a sustainable, peaceable world. The feature story, Ivan the Fool, presents an archetypal fool who wor...

Published: Jun 2018

The Gospel in Brief - Tolstoy's Life ...

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy is famous the world over for his epic novels of Russian history and society. But during the last 30 years of his life Tolstoy devoted himself to spiritual matters in an attempt to return Christianity to the fundamental tea...

Published: Jul 2016

The Death of Ivan Ilych

Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina, was foremost among the great Russian novelists of the nineteenth century, and is widely considered one of the greatest writers of prose fiction in world history. In h...

Published: Apr 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Susan May Warren

"The kind of story that is perfect for being snowed in with." - blogger A.M. HeathFive near-strangers. One snowstorm. A Christmas that none of them will ever forget. Dottie Morgan has no desire to share her home or her hear...

Published: Nov 2017

The Eighth Arrow: Odysseus in the Und...

J. Augustine Wetta

Condemned to burn in the eighth circle of Dante's Hell, Odysseus, legendary thief and liar of Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, decides he is going to break out. His adventure begins with a prayer to Athena Parthenos, who appears to him bear...

Published: Sep 2018

A Single Day of Peace: An Inspiration...

Stephen D'Angelo

No Description

Published: Jun 2021

Escape from Paradise: A Christian Adv...

D. Richard Ferguson

No Description

Published: Jan 2021

The Servant With One Talent: Five Suc...

Jesse Hostetler

No Description

Published: Dec 2021

The Cabin at the End of the Train: A ...

Michael V. Ivanov

No Description

Published: Aug 2022

The Traveler's Secret: Ancient Prover...

Michael V. Ivanov

No Description

Published: Mar 2021
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