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Total Renewal

Frank Lipman

A specialist in Integrative Medicine presents a seven-step plan for health and vitality. Dr. Lipman's Total Renewal approach includes self-care and responsibility, detoxification, healthy diet, the use of nutrients, and stress managem...

Published: Dec 2004

House Calls: How We Can All Heal the ...

Patch Adams

Dr. Patch Adams knows the inner side of healing. House Calls is a reminder that some of the most important factors in healing are not high-tech marvels but ordinary factors such as love, compassion, friendship, and hope. This book wil...

Published: Jan 2010

The Complete Book of Essential Oils f...

Christina Anthis

Learn to care for yourself and your baby with the natural healing power of essential oils.All expecting and experienced moms know that finding safe remedies to treat the needs of you and your little one is easier said than done. Wheth...

Published: Aug 2017

The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle: ...

Brant Cortright Ph. D.

    The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle brings together the latest in neuroscience research to present a new paradigm of brain health and aging.       Only recently has it been discovered that the brain produces new brain c...

Published: Apr 2015

Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey Into...

Eliot Cowan

Since 1995, copies of Eliot Cowan's small-press phenom-enon Plant Spirit Medicine have passed hand-to-hand among those intrigued by shamanism, herbal medicine, and all things alive and green. Now, this much-anticipated updated edition...

Published: Apr 2014

Hear Your Body Whisper: How to Unlock...

Otakara Klettke

Can you talk to your body? Is it possible to hear your body talk to you? Could you help your body to get healthy and heal acute or chronic diseases? Could your body return to its ideal shape on its own? Imagine your life inside a hea...

Published: Nov 2016

Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome...

Nauman Naeem

Unleash your infinite potential and heal your chronic illness.The purpose of this book is to take you on a journey to the core of your being. This is done through unraveling layers and layers of density which most of us accumulate thr...

Published: Sep 2017

Blueprint for Holistic Healing: Your ...

C. Norman Shealy

Dr. Shealy was first introduced to the work of the "father of holistic medicine," Edgar Cayce, in the early 1970s. Cayce was the inspiration for his transformation from traditional medicine to holistic alternative therapies, which h...

Published: Aug 2016
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