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What You Must Know About Dry Eye: How...

Jeffrey Od Anshel

While the condition known as dry eye may sound like a minor problem, it can cause tremendous discomfort, even pain. Worse, this disorder can lead to eye fatigue, blurred vision, and difficulty driving, especially at night. In a healt...

Published: Jun 2019

The Dry Eye Remedy, Revised Edition: ...

Robert Latkany

New 2016 edition of the best-selling, practical guide to help dry eye sufferers improve their vision, reduce wrinkles and redness, and restore overall eye health, Includes up-to-date information on medications, procedures, testing, af...

Published: Apr 2016

Unblinded: One Man’s Courageous Jou...

Traci Medford-Rosow

Unblinded is the true story of New Yorker Kevin Coughlin, who became blind at age thirty-six due to a rare genetic disorder known as Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Twenty years later, without medical intervention, Kevin's sight ...

Published: Apr 2018

Visual Secrets for School Success: Re...

Brenda Montecalvo

DON'T LET HOMEWORK RUIN YOUR FAMILY TIME TOGETHER. Family members want to spend quality time together. Once kids begin school, much of the family's free time during the week can be spent doing homework, leaving little time for fun. ...

Published: Mar 2020
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