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Under One Sky: Intimate Encounters wi...

Chris Auer

"I am often approached by women who have become passionate about breastfeeding and want to become a lactation consultant to help others. Along with the other guidance I give, I'm also going to encourage them to read Under One Sky...

Published: Feb 2018

LACTIVATE!: A User's Guide To Breastf...

Jill Krause

Tackle breastfeeding challenges with clear info and confidenceBreastfeeding moms will tell you milk makin' comes with health and convenience benefits―and a million questions. Lactivate! is a judgment-free advice book with the latest...

Published: Dec 2019

A Loving Weaning: How to Move Forward...

Winema Wilson Lanoue

Weaning from breastfeeding does not have to be confusing or difficult. When viewed as a journey of partnership and love, it can strengthen the parent-child bond and build trust and confidence. In this book, Winema Wilson Lanoue discus...

Published: Jul 2017

The Complete Book of Breastfeeding

Sally Wendkos Olds

The Complete Book of Breastfeeding is a recognized classic in its field. Now it's been completely revised and updated in a new fourth edition—non-doctrinaire, informative, and friendly, it is the most accessible and authoritative bo...

Published: Sep 2010

Milk: A Story of Breastfeeding in a S...

Emma Rosen

Emma Rosen assumed that breastfeeding would be easy. After all, it is the natural way for humans to feed our offspring and women have been doing it for millennia. Motherhood turned Emma's world upside down. Despite meticulous prepara...

Published: Oct 2018

The First-Time Mom’s Breastfeeding ...

Chrisie Rosenthal

The simple, effective breastfeeding guide for first-time parents When you're learning to breastfeed your first baby, the right support is essential. The First-Time Mom’s Breastfeeding Handbook is the perfect encouraging, non...

Published: Dec 2020

Relactation: A Guide to Rebuilding Yo...

Lucy Ruddle

Many mothers stop breastfeeding within the first 6 weeks, and many among them say that they wanted to breastfeed longer. This book is a guide to rebuilding your milk supply after a gap in breastfeeding. It doesn't matter whether you s...

Published: Jan 2020

The Breastfeeding Book: Everything Yo...

Martha Sears

A fully revised edition of the Dr. Sears guide to breastfeeding, a perennial favorite for parents for nearly two decades.From pediatric experts Martha Sears, R.N., and William Sears, M.D., a comprehensive, reassuring, authoritative in...

Published: Aug 2018
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