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Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering ...

Glenn Kurtz

When Glenn Kurtz stumbles upon an old family film in his parents' closet in Florida, he has no inkling of its historical significance or of the impact it will have on his life. The film, shot long ago by his grandfather on a sightseei...

Published: Nov 2015

The Boy Who Followed His Father into ...

Jeremy Dronfield

"Brilliantly written, vivid, a powerful and often uncomfortable true story that deserves to be read and remembered. It beautifully captures the strength of the bond between a father and son."--Heather Morris, author of #1 Ne...

Published: May 2020

The Family: A Journey into the Heart ...

David Laskin

The author of the The Children's Blizzard delivers an epic work of twentieth century history through the riveting story of one extraordinary Jewish family In tracing the roots of this family-his own family-Laskin captures the epic s...

Published: Sep 2014

Jewish History: A Very Short Introduc...

David N. Myers

How have the Jews survived? For millennia, they have defied odds by overcoming the travails of exile, persecution, and recurring plans for their annihilation. Many have attempted to explain this singular success as a result of divine ...

Published: May 2017

Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intel...

Annie Jacobsen

The author of the acclaimed bestseller Area 51 reveals the explosive dark secrets behind America's post-WWII science programs.In the chaos following World War II, some of the greatest spoils of Germany's resources were the Third Reich...

Published: Jan 2015
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