History - Caribbean & West Indies

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War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolu...

Nelson A. Denis

In 1950, after over fifty years of military occupation and colonial rule, the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico staged an unsuccessful armed insurrection against the United States. Violence swept through the island: assassins were sent...

Published: May 2016

Haiti: The Tumultuous History--From P...

Philippe R. Girard

Why has Haiti been plagued by so many woes? Why have multiple U.S. efforts to create a stable democracy in Haiti failed so spectacularly? Philippe Girard answers these and other questions, examining how colonialism and slavery have le...

Published: Sep 2010

Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's ...

Brian Latell

Published to glowing reviews, this riveting narrative takes us back to when the Cuban Revolution was young and offers a new and surprising look at Fidel Castro. Drawing on interviews with high-level defectors from Cuban intelligence,...

Published: Jul 2013

Cuba: Castro, Revolution, and the End...

Flash Guides

Cuba: The Mob, Castro, and the End of the Embargo, explores Cuba's complicated history and emergence from an era of economic isolation from the US. Exploring America's relationship with Cuba, the many political forces that have shaped...

Published: Jun 2015

Through, Sweat, Tears and Triumphs: R...

Jennifer Blake

At last a book has finally been written about the African and Caribbean communities in Walsall. This remarkable book is the result of genuine collaborative efforts of a number of Walsall and Black Country participants. Not only does t...

Published: Jul 2017

Island People: The Caribbean and the ...

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

This masterwork of travel literature and history provides a kaleidoscopic portrait of the Caribbean and illuminates its fierce grip on the world's imagination.From the moment Columbus gazed out from the deck of the Santa María in 1...

Published: Nov 2017

Fountain Valley 1972

Esq Michael a. Joseph

My family grew up on the U.S. island of St. Croix, free from America's skin color drama. We locals refer to white people from the mainland as continentals, and to blacks as Yankees. In 1972, a local Vietnam vet tried to kill two cops...

Published: Nov 2014

The Big Truck That Went By: How the W...

Jonathan M. Katz

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYAmazon * Christian Science Monitor * Kirkus Reviews * Slate 2014 Helen Bernstein Award Finalist -- Winner, 2013 WOLA-Duke Book Award -- Winner, 2012 J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-P...

Published: Apr 2014

The Dead Yard: A Story of Modern Jama...

Ian Thomson

Named the Dolman Travel Book of the Year, The Dead Yard paints an unforgettable portrait of modern Jamaica. Since independence, Jamaica has gradually become associated with twin images--a resort-style travel Eden for foreigners and a ...

Published: Mar 2011

Westminster's Jewel: The Barbados Sto...

Olutoye Walrond

WESTMINSTER’S JEWEL, is a rare exposé on the history and evolution of Barbadian society, that will captivate both Barbadians (and other Caribbeans) and citizens of the United Kingdom unfamiliar with the history of British coloniali...

Published: Apr 2016

Mountain Majesty: The History of CODE...

John V. Winings

Is it possible to change the world, or at least some part of it?>Mountain Majesty: The History of CODEP Haiti Where Sustainable Agricultural Development Works takes an in-depth look at a unique organization that has improved the lives...

Published: Mar 2016

SHEROES of the Haitian Revolution

Kervin Andre

No Description

Published: May 2021

The Cubans: Ordinary Lives in Extraor...

Anthony Depalma

No Description

Published: May 2021
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