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I Can Has Cheezburger?: A Lolcat Coll...

Happycat Professor

Fresh from teh Internets, LOLcats are set to take over the world (no, srsly) (LOLcat Speak). The Internet has provided us with many wonders, from skateboarding dogs to Chuck Norris facts. Over the past year, though, one sensation h...

Published: Oct 2008

Bread and a Dog


A quirky, photographic exploration of two beloved subjects: breakfasts and dogs.Curiosity. Longing. Hunger. Bread and a Dog is a quirky photographic journey into the psychic trauma of living with a professional food stylist... as a do...

Published: Oct 2015

Tortitude: The BIG Book of Cats with ...

With about 2 million tortoiseshell cats in the United States, these special felines tend to be strong-willed, a bit hot-tempered, and often very possessive of their humans. Other words used to describe torties are fiercely independent...

Published: Apr 2015

Games You Can Play With Your Pussy

Ira Alterman

Games You Can Play With Your Pussy and lots of other stuff cat owners should know. Hilarious, humorous book that will leave every cat-lover rolling with laughter. Includes Naming Your Pussy, How to Feed Your Pussy, Sleeping with Your ...

Published: Mar 2014

whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds

Angie Bailey

This clever parody combines two of the Internet's hottest sensations--cats and craigslist. With 160 hilarious classified ads written for cats, by cats, whiskerslist reveals the inner lives of our favorite furry friends like never befo...

Published: Aug 2013

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Cele...

Patricia Carlin

The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for cats to become superstar "personalities" with revenue-generating multimedia brands—but only if you know how to cash in. With How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity, ...

Published: Apr 2014

Cats V. Conniff: A chronicle of the h...

Frank Conniff

The Defendant: Frank Conniff. Comedian, writer, gout sufferer, and prolific tweeter, who understood that his incendiary social media posts might one day lead to calls for his head, but never suspected that the calls would be coming fr...

Published: Mar 2017

F You, Box: And Other Observations of...

Katie Cook

Got a pillow? He'll steal it. Eating a turkey sandwich? HEY—hand it over! Meet the original grumpy cat. He's codependent, potty-mouthed, and pissed off . . . with the litter box, the pen, the couch, and (most of all) YOU! This crank...

Published: Sep 2015

Much ADO about Stuffing: The Best and...

Crap Taxidermy

Only in death can true beauty exist.--@Crap Taxidermy, the Twitter account deemed "most horrifying" by BuzzfeedMuch Ado about Stuffing brings together the best and worst specimens featured on Twitter's hugely popular @CrapTa...

Published: Sep 2014

Be A Flamingo: & stand out from the c...

Sarah Ford

Want to be strong, independent and utterly fabulous? Be a flamingo.Flamingo is that one friend who always brightens a room as soon as she walks in. She is always the first on the dancefloor and the very last to stop boogying. She has ...

Published: Mar 2018

Be a Llama: & stay a little calmer

Sarah Ford

Sweet natured, sociable, and blessed with great hair, Llama is taking on the world...she is doing it one step at a time and staying really, really chilled. Take a leaf out of Llama's book and seek out the calm amidst the chaos.From ll...

Published: Apr 2018

Sorry I Humped Your Leg: (And Other L...

Jeremy Greenberg

Comedian Jeremy Greenberg is at it again with another hilarious collection of full-color photos and apologetic letters from dogs to the people who love them—no matter what bad thing they've done! The bestselling author who brought ...

Published: Jun 2017

Cute Emergency

Tony Heally

Puppies in sunglasses.  Sleeping kittens.  A hedgehog in a teacup.  If the thought of animals in adorable situations makes you feel just a little bit happier, then Cute Emergency is the book for you.  Based on the popular Twitter ...

Published: Oct 2015

Texts from Dog

October Jones

My dog sends me texts. Yeah. It's weird. When October Jones figured out he could send text messages to himself on his mobile phone, he naturally decided that the best use of this discovery was to send passive-aggressive messages to ...

Published: Nov 2012

Chi's Sweet Home, volume 10

Konami Kanata

It has been a long time coming, particularly in the life of a kitten, but Chi is now painfully close to finally being reunited with her feline family. But there are things that still stand in her way. The most complicated of which is ...

Published: Oct 2011

Why Cat Why: a coloring book explaini...

Theo Nicole Lorenz

Why do cats do the weird things they do? Why do we let these pointy, inconvenient creatures and their buttholes into our homes? This book explains cats (and why we love them) with 26 fun and informative coloring pages.

Published: Nov 2017

The Misadventures of Maggie and Lou: ...

Shelly Papinaw

The Misadventures of Maggie and Lou tells the story of two Boston Terrier troublemakers who fill our lives with joy, love, and mayhem. Their journey will melt the hearts of fellow animal lovers and dog parents alike who more than unde...

Published: Aug 2016

Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Impr...

Svetlana Petrova

"It's official. That thing that classic art has been missing is a chubby reclining kitty." —The Huffington PostInternet meme meets classical art in Svetlana Petrova's brilliant Fat Cat Art. Featuring her twenty-two-pound, ...

Published: Jun 2015

Insider Training: Chester Gigolo's Do...

Christina Potter

Your dog ignores you when you call his name. Bath time is the stuff of nightmares. His barking annoys the neighbors. And yournew puppy is out of control ...If you want a better life for you and your dog, this is the book you've been w...

Published: Feb 2016

Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs

Professor Happycat

The authors of I Can Has Cheezburger? return with an awww- inspiring threequel in their blockbuster LOLcat series. The Web site, the Internet's depot for LOLcat pictures, has already spawned two New York Times ...

Published: Oct 2010

Desktop Dog Park (Miniature Editions)...

Conor Riordan

What's more entertaining and joyous than a trip to the dog park with your pup? A Desktop Dog Park you can enjoy during work hours! Create your own canine oasis with this adorable kit, featuring the world's most well behaved dogs.Kit i...

Published: Oct 2018

Positive Doodles: 46 Good Thoughts fo...

Emm Roy

Now and again, we could all use a little help and love from our friends—and these postcards are a great way to give support and encouragement. It all began when artist Emm Roy asked followers of her popular Tumblr, "What's both...

Published: Mar 2016

Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts...

Christopher Rozzi

Ever wonder what your dachshund, bulldog, great dane, or tabby cat are *really* thinking? Wonder no more, because artist and comedian Christopher Rozzi has channeled the innermost thoughts of canines and felines (along with the occa...

Published: Jun 2013

67 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than D...

Jack Shepherd

It's an age-old battle: cat vs. dog. Now, National Geographic and BuzzFeed's Jack Shepherd team up to settle the dispute once and for all! Documenting cats' superior abilities in such areas as artistry, athleticism, and intellect, She...

Published: Oct 2014

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too

Michael Showalter

Michael Showalter's Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too is the hilarious all-access guide to help a man comprehend, appreciate, and bond with the felines in his life. They say dogs are a man's best friend. True! But what if that man's girlfri...

Published: Sep 2013

A Field Guide to Little Known and Sel...

Cathryn Sill

Birders and just about anyone who likes birds will delight in this field guide parody. Thirty-two fabulous new species are depicted in this volume, which features tongue-in-cheek descriptions, observation hints, and range maps, as wel...

Published: Aug 2013

Cat Vs Human Fairy Tails

Yasmine Surovec

In this collection from popular Web comic Yasmine Surovec, fabled characters and fairy princesses are replaced with cat ladies and gents ... and cats.  Rapunzel’s prince comes to rescue…his cats. Sleeping Beauty’s true love’s...

Published: May 2016

The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar: ...

Martin Windrow

The story of an odd couple-a British military historian and the Tawny Owl with whom he lived for fifteen yearsMartin Windrow was a war historian with little experience with pets when he adopted an owl the size of a corncob. Adorable b...

Published: Jun 2015

Awkward Family Pet Photos

Mike Bender

No Description

Published: Nov 2011

Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North Am...

Matt Kracht

No Description

Published: Apr 2019
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