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On Truth

Simon Blackburn

Truth is not just a recent topic of contention. Arguments about it have gone on for centuries. Why is the truth important? Who decides what the truth is? Is there such a thing as objective, eternal truth, or is truth simply a matter o...

Published: Jul 2018

Thinking Through Animals: Identity, D...

Matthew Calarco

The rapidly expanding field of critical animal studies now offers a myriad of theoretical and philosophical positions from which to choose. This timely book provides an overview and analysis of the most influential of these trends. Ap...

Published: Jun 2015

Understanding Ignorance: The Surprisi...

Daniel R. Denicola

An exploration of what we can know about what we don't know: why ignorance is more than simply a lack of knowledge.

Published: Aug 2018

Intuition Pumps And Other Tools for T...

Daniel C. Dennett

"The best new book I've read."—Richard Dawkins, New York Times Book Review Over a storied career, Daniel C. Dennett has engaged questions about science and the workings of the mind. His answers have combined rigorous argum...

Published: May 2014

Why the World Does Not Exist

Markus Gabriel

Where do we come from? Are we merely a cluster of elementary particles in a gigantic world receptacle? And what does it all mean?In this highly original new book, the philosopher Markus Gabriel challenges our notion of what exists and...

Published: Mar 2017

The Grand Delusion: What We Know But ...

Steve Hagen

This is a fun, unique book that goes deep into the great mysteries of knowing—something like Lawrence Krauss's A Universe from Nothing meets Sam Harris's Waking Up. Or, perhaps, Sam Harris and Stephen Hawking meet Socrat...

Published: Jul 2020

Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures...

Zena Hitz

An invitation to readers from every walk of life to rediscover the impractical splendors of a life of learning In an overloaded, superficial, technological world, in which almost everything and everybody is judged by its usefulness...

Published: Aug 2021

The Great Mystery: Matter vs. Spirit

David Christopher Lane

What is matter anyways?--from organisms to cells to proteins to molecules to atoms to electrons to light? The most famous equation in modern physics is Einstein's E=MC2 which if we pause for a second is as mysterious as anything writt...

Published: Jun 2014

Epistemology: A Beginner's Guide (Beg...

Robert M. Martin

Epistemology is the philosophical study of knowledge. Without knowledge, scientific enquiry is meaningless and we can't analyse the world around us. But what exactly is it and how do we obtain it? Presuming no prior experience of phi...

Published: Jun 2010

Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction

Jennifer Nagel

What is knowledge? How does it differ from mere belief? Do you need to be able to justify a claim in order to count as knowing it? How can we know that the outer world is real and not a dream?Questions like these are ancient ones, and...

Published: Oct 2014

I Am Not I

Jacob Needleman

Seeking to reconcile the split between our inner child and our adult self, eminent philosopher and religious scholar Jacob Needleman evokes the ancient spiritual tradition of a deep dialogue between a guiding wisdom figure and a seeke...

Published: Apr 2016

Understanding Beliefs

Nils J. Nilsson

Our beliefs constitute a large part of our knowledge of the world. We have beliefs about objects, about culture, about the past, and about the future. We have beliefs about other people, and we believe ...

Published: Aug 2014

Think Again: How to Reason and Argue

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Our personal and political worlds are rife with arguments and disagreements, some of them petty and vitriolic. The inability to compromise and understand the opposition is epidemic today, from countries refusing to negotiate, to polit...

Published: Jul 2018

Hermeneutics: A Very Short Introducti...

Jens Zimmermann

Hermeneutics is the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation, a behaviour that is intrinsic to our daily lives. As humans, we decipher the meaning of newspaper articles, books, legal matters, religious texts, political speec...

Published: Dec 2015

Positivism and the Real External Worl...

Moritz Schlick

No Description

Published: Jul 2020
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