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In Praise of Doubt: How to Have Convi...

Peter L. Berger

"A book of great practical wisdom by authors who have profound insight into the intellectual dynamics governing contemporary life."—Dallas Willard, author of Knowing Christ Today In In Praise of Doubt, two world-renowned ...

Published: Sep 2010

24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of...

Jonathan Crary

24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep explores some of the ruinous consequences of the expanding non-stop processes of twenty-first-century capitalism. The marketplace now operates through every hour of the clock, pushing us in...

Published: Jun 2014

Assholes: A Theory

Aaron James

What does it mean for someone to be an asshole? The answer is not obvious, despite the fact that we are often stuck dealing with people for whom there is no better name. We try to avoid them, but assholes are everywhere—at work, at ...

Published: May 2014

On Kindness

Adam Phillips

Kindness is the foundation of the world's great religions and most-enduring philosophies. Why, then, does being kind feel so dangerous? If we crave kindness with such intensity, why is it often the last pleasure we permit ourselves?...

Published: Jun 2010

The Outsider: The Classic Exploration...

Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson's classic exploration of the rebel as genius, with a new introduction by Gary Lachman. When the upstart English writer Colin Wilson debuted on the literary scene with The Outsider in 1956, it marked one of the opening not...

Published: Aug 2016
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