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Talking About a Revolution: Interview...

Howard Zinn

On its twentieth anniversary, the South End Press collective has gathered the left's most prominent intellectuals for a wide-ranging discussion of the past twenty years and the next twenty years of progressive social movements in the ...

Published: Sep 2008

Antisemitism: Part One of The Origins...

Hannah Arendt

The first volume of Arendt's celebrated three-part study of the philosophical origins of the totalitarian mind. This volume focuses on the rise of antisemitism in Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Index.

Published: Mar 1968

Deterring Democracy

Noam Chomsky

From World War II until the 1980s, the United States reigned supreme as both the economic and the military leader of the world. The major shifts in global politics that came about with the dismantling of the Eastern bloc have left the...

Published: Apr 1992

Essential Works of Lenin: 'What Is to...

Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Four most significant works, also including 'The Development of Capitalism in Russia'; 'Imperialism, the Highest State of Capitalism'; 'The State and Revolution'.

Published: May 1987

Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fund...

Ahmed Rashid

Correspondent Ahmed Rashid brings the shadowy world of the Taliban—the world's most extreme and radical Islamic organization—into sharp focus in this enormously insightful book. He offers the only authoritative account of the Tali...

Published: Apr 2010
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