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A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth

Julius Evola

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth consists of essays selected from throughout Evola's lifetime, but most especially from the post-war era, when youth across the Western world had thrown their societies into chaos with protests, civil un...

Published: Feb 2017

The White Nationalist Manifesto

Greg Johnson

A specter is haunting the world, the specter of White Nationalism.Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Orbán, Salvini: white identity politics is on the rise. Even though the entire political establishment, Left and Right, is committed to globalis...

Published: Sep 2018

The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immig...

John B. Judis

Why Has Nationalism Come Roaring Back?Trump in America, Brexit in the U.K., anti-EU parties in Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, and Hungary, and nativist or authoritarian leaders in Turkey, Russia, India, and ...

Published: Oct 2018

A Flag Worth Dying for: The Power and...

Tim Marshall

Combining keen analysis of current events with world history, Tim Marshall, author of the New York Times bestseller Prisoners of Geography, provides "an entertaining whistle-stop tour of world flags" (Library Journal)—how ...

Published: Jun 2018
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