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The Roberts Court: The Struggle for t...

Marcia Coyle

For eight years, the Roberts Court has been at the center of a constitutional maelstrom. In this acclaimed account, the much-honored, expert Supreme Court reporter Marcia Coyle reveals the fault lines in the conservative-dominated cou...

Published: May 2014

Supreme Court Decisions

Richard Beeman

In time for the upcoming election season, Penguin presents a series of six portable, accessible, and—above all—essential reads from American political history, selected by leading scholars. Series editor Richard Beeman, author of ...

Published: Aug 2012

Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thought...

Preet Bharara

*A New York Times Bestseller*By the one-time federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, an important overview of the way our justice system works, and why the rule of law is essential to our survival as a society.Preet ...

Published: Jan 2020

The Case Against the Supreme Court

Erwin Chemerinsky

Both historically and in the present, the Supreme Court has largely been a failure  In this devastating book, Erwin Chemerinsky—"one of the shining lights of legal academia" (The New York Times)—shows how, case by case,...

Published: Sep 2015

Supreme Inequality: The Supreme Court...

Adam Cohen

“Meticulously researched and engagingly written . . . a comprehensive indictment of the court’s rulings in areas ranging from campaign finance and voting rights to poverty law and criminal justice.” —Financial ...

Published: Feb 2021

You Have the Right to Remain Innocent...

James Duane

An urgent, compact manifesto that will teach you how to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future when talking to police.Law professor James J. Duane became a viral sensation thanks to a 2008 lecture outlining the reasons why...

Published: Sep 2016

The Burger Court and the Rise of the ...

Michael J. Graetz

A revelatory look at the Warren Burger Supreme Court finds that it was not moderate or transitional, but conservative—and it shaped today's constitutional landscape. It is an "important book…a powerful corrective to the stand...

Published: Jun 2017

Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confi...

Mollie Hemingway

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER!\r\n \r\n Justice Anthony Kennedy slipped out of the Supreme Court building on June 27, 2018, and traveled incognito to the White House to inform President Donald Trump that he was retiring, setting in motion a ...

Published: Sep 2020

The January 6 Report

January 6th Committee the

The official report and findings of the bipartisan Congressional investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and Donald Trump’s related coup conspiracies to overthrow the election, with an originally reported forewor...

Published: Oct 2022

The Most Dangerous Branch: Inside the...

David A. Kaplan

In the bestselling tradition of The Nine and The Brethren, The Most Dangerous Branch takes us inside the secret world of the Supreme Court. David A. Kaplan, the former legal affairs editor of Newsweek, shows how the justices subvert t...

Published: Oct 2019

The Justices Behind Roe V. Wade: The ...

Bob Woodward

A thrilling, behind-the-scenes account of the revolutionary Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. The Justices Behind Roe V. Wadeoffers a front-row seat to the inner workings of the Supreme Court that led to the monumental Roe v. Wade ...

Published: Oct 2021
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