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The Occupy Handbook

Janet Byrne

Analyzing the movement's deep-seated origins in questions that the country has sought too long to ignore, some of the greatest economic minds and most incisive cultural commentators - from Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Michael Lewis, Rob...

Published: Apr 2012

This Is an Uprising: How Nonviolent R...

Mark Engler

"Absorbing... Ambitious... Indispensable. A genuine gift to social movements everywhere." -Naomi KleinFrom protests around climate change and immigrant rights, to Occupy, the Arab Spring, and #BlackLivesMatter, a new generat...

Published: Feb 2017

The Constitution Demands It: The Case...

Ron Fein

"Read this book and learn how best to protect our democracy." --Tom Steyer, founder of NeedToImpeach.orgThe reasons Donald Trump must be impeached — as per the Founding Fathers — and what you can do to help make that hap...

Published: Aug 2018

Occupying Wall Street: The Inside Sto...

Writers For the 99%

"An essential and galvanizing on-the-ground account of how oxygen suddenly and miraculously flooded back into the American brain."—Jonathan Lethem"[Occupying Wall Street] runs through OWS' beginnings and provides a f...

Published: Apr 2012

Occupy Nation: The Roots, the Spirit,...

Todd Gitlin

"[A] much needed book…a compelling portrait of the Occupy movement…that capture[s] the spirit of the people involved, the crisis that gave Occupy birth, and the possibility of genuine change it represents."—Eric Foner,...

Published: Aug 2012

Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering...

Amy Goodman

A celebration of the revolutionary change Amy and David Goodman have witnessed during the two decades of their acclaimed television and radio news program Democracy Now!—and how small individual acts from progressive heroes have pro...

Published: Apr 2017

Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revol...

Sarah Jaffe

Necessary Trouble is the definitive book on the movements that are poised to permanently remake American politics. We are witnessing a moment of unprecedented political turmoil and social activism. Over the last few years, we've seen ...

Published: Sep 2017

Protest Postcards: Write, Stamp, Send...

Alison Johnson

The pen is mightier than the sword, and Protest Postcards are the arsenal of the people. With 20 unique cards to make a statement on the myriad political issues currently under threat―from women's rights and immigration, to educatio...

Published: Jun 2017

You're More Powerful than You Think: ...

Eric Liu

Is this the America you want? If not, here's how to claim the power to change your country.We are in an age of epic political turbulence in America. Old hierarchies and institutions are collapsing. From the election of Donald Trump to...

Published: Mar 2018

The Revolution at Ten Years

Ron Paul

The mainstream media obsessively focuses on the "big battles" between the political left and right, particularly in Washington. We become more polarized as a nation, but the differences between the Republican and Democratic ...

Published: Aug 2017

Boiling Mad

Kate Zernike

"Concise [and] elegantly written. . . . A convincing portrait of the movement's most ardent activists."—Los Angeles TimesThey burst on the scene at the height of the Great Recession—thousands of angry voters railing agai...

Published: Sep 2011

Soul of a Citizen: Living with Convic...

Paul Rogat Loeb

No Description

Published: Mar 2010
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