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The Betrayal of America: How the Supr...

Vincent Bugliosi

During the course of American history, wrongful events have occurred and certain Americans have stood up and spoken out against these wrongs: Tom Paine, Edward R. Murrow, Daniel Ellsberg. Vincent Bugliosi takes his place in this speci...

Published: Apr 2001

Capitol Men: The Epic Story of Recons...

Philip Dray

In this grand and compelling new history of Reconstruction, Philip Dray shines a light on a little known group of men: the nation's first black members of Congress. Neglected by most historians, these individuals—some of whom were...

Published: Feb 2010

Union And Liberty: The Political Phil...

John C. Calhoun

Calhoun's most important constitutional and political writings are now available as complete, unabridged texts and in a single volume, many for the first time since the 1850s. These writings address such issues as states' rights and n...

Published: Jan 2010

North Korea: Another Country

Bruce Cumings

America's leading historian on Korea offers a nuanced analysis that demolishes familiar generalizations. Depicted as an insular and forbidding police state with an 'insane' dictator at its helm, North Korea —charter member of Bush'...

Published: Nov 2004

Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arc...

Thomas Dilorenzo

Two of the most influential figures in American history. Two opposing political philosophies. Two radically different visions for America. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were without question two of the most important Foundin...

Published: Dec 2009

Generation Freedom: The Middle East U...

Bruce Feiler

Timely and provocative, Generation Freedom looks at the historic youth uprisings sweeping the Middle East and what they mean for the future of peace, coexistence, and relations with the West. At a time when the world is asking how t...

Published: Jun 2011

The American Political Tradition: And...

Richard Hofstadter

A revised edition of the clasic study of American politics from the Founding Fathers to FDR.

Published: Apr 1989

Daydream Believers: How a Few Grand I...

Fred Kaplan

America's power is in decline, its allies alienated, its soldiers trapped in a war that even generals regard as unwinnable. What has happened these past few years is well known. Why it happened continues to puzzle. Celebrated Slate co...

Published: Dec 2008

Who Killed the Constitution?: The Fed...

Thomas E. Woods

The fact is that government officials long ago rejected the idea that the Constitution possesses a fixed meaning limiting the U.S. government's power. Going right to the scenes of the crimes, bestselling authors Thomas E. Woods and Ke...

Published: Jul 2009
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