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The Writer's Guide to Psychology: How...

Carolyn Kaufman

An accurate and accessible survey of modern psychological theory and practice, this reference offers professional writers practical advice for incorporating psychological elements into their work. With easy-to-understand explanations ...

Published: Dec 2010

Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Class...

Andrea Bonior

Why is eyewitness testimony sometimes misleading? How does evolution explain what qualities people seek in online dating partners? These questions and many more are addressed in a convincing, thorough, and funny overview of why we are...

Published: Sep 2016

The Psychology Book: Big Ideas Simply...


Explore the history, theories, and concepts of psychology through more than 100 groundbreaking ideas with straightforward text, witty illustrations, and vocabulary glossary that demystify an often daunting subject matter. Now in paper...

Published: Feb 2017

Why We Do the Things We Do: Psycholog...

Joel Levy

Can you really tell a criminal by the bumps on his head? What does a memory look like? Can a machine think? Why are some people shy? Is it better not to feel so much? These are some of the many questions that are discussed in this com...

Published: Sep 2017

DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagno...

Speedy Publishing LLC

Defining mental disorders is easy but to actually diagnose a patient needs a lot of hard work and proper information. You need to be able to classify the symptoms in order to narrow down to the right diagnosis. A wrong diagnosis could...

Published: Apr 2015

DSM-5 Pocket Guide (Speedy Study Guid...

Speedy Publishing LLC

Different disorders warrant varying levels of attention and intervention. Diagnosis is, therefore, important to correct any problem as early as possible and avoid complications later on. This pocket guide holds some of the most common...

Published: Apr 2015

Psychology in Bite Sized Chunks

Joel Levy

No Description

Published: Jun 2021
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