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Why I Am Not a Christian: And Other E...

Bertrand Russell

Dedicated as few men have been to the life of reason, Bertrand Russell has always been concerned with the basic questions to which religion also addresses itself -- questions about man's place in the universe and the nature of the goo...

Published: Oct 1967

Spiritual Diagnosis: Understanding th...

Kwaku Boachie (Brother Kay)

HOW TO GET YOUR FREEDOM FROM WITCHCRAFT AND DEMONIC OPPRESSIONS. This book you are about to read will cause you to have a spiritual paradigm shift. Spiritual Diagnosis will help you to view and interpret problems differently. This boo...

Published: Jan 2015

God: A Very Short Introduction

John Bowker

Who or what is God? How do different religions interpret God's existence? How can we know God?Many people believe in God; not just throughout history but also in the present day. But who or what is it they believe in? Many different a...

Published: Oct 2014

Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto

Lesley Hazleton

"Vital" –The New York Times Book Review"Provocative…[Hazleton] paddles the river of doubt with energy and exuberance." –The Seattle TimesA widely admired writer on religion celebrates agnosticism as the most ...

Published: Apr 2017

Agnosticism: A Very Short Introductio...

Robin Le Poidevin

What is agnosticism? Is it a belief, or merely the absence of belief? Is it the result of too little thought about an issue--or too much? Who were the first to call themselves "agnostics"? Does agnosticism deserve serious co...

Published: Nov 2010

Truly, I Tell You: Studying the Words...

Cindy Rowe

TRULY, I TELL YOU ... Jesus said, "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life..." The fact that the person who actually is "The Truth" is speaking to us is a very compelling reason to stop and take note of His words but...

Published: Jun 2014

The "Catch 22" with Sin

Dave Shobe

God has never lied, murdered, or left us alone! Mankind has done it on a daily basis since the Garden of Eden! The saying, "the devil made me do it, "is not a true statement either! It is the sin that Adam and Eve choose tha...

Published: Oct 2014
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