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Life Lessons from Hebrews

Max Lucado

The Jewish believers were torn between their new faith in Jesus and their old ways rooted in Old Testament routines and rituals. They were tempted to go back to their familiar life that seemed "good enough." But the author o...

Published: Nov 2018

Life Lessons from Revelation

Max Lucado

The end of the world. How do you react to that thought? Does it make you afraid? Excited? Nervous? Full of anticipation? Full of peace? The apostle John was privileged to preview the end of the world. While in exile, he experienced a...

Published: Nov 2018

Life Lessons from Romans

Max Lucado

The Max Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the bestselling study guide series on the market today. This updated edition of the popular New Testament and Old Testament series will offer readers a complete selection of st...

Published: Feb 2018

HeBrews A Better Blend

Leah Adams

"HeBrews A Better Blend" is all about better things...with faith in Jesus being the focal point of all things better. In this Bible study, Leah Adams teaches us from the Old and New Testaments, showing how the writer of Hebr...

Published: Jul 2014

A Theology of Mark: The Dynamic Betwe...

Hans F. Bayer

Sincere Christians hold divergent ideas about discipleship. Different approaches focus on steps to follow, mentoring, spiritual disciplines, or an intellectual approach, but do they draw their definitions from Scripture's big picture?...

Published: Apr 2012

70: Jesus' Expansion Strategy

William a. Beckham

Bill Beckham gives a historical and strategic perspective of God's expansion people movement that is built upon the unique and interrelated groups of 3, 12, and 70. He makes the case that the church must do three things in the 21st ce...

Published: Jul 2015

Jesus Is the Christ: The Messianic Te...

Michael F. Bird

Who do the Gospels say Jesus is? The title and role of "Messiah" ascribed to Jesus in the Gospels has long been regarded as a late add on, a fabricated claim or an insignificant feature. Michael Bird, however, argues that th...

Published: Mar 2013

The Ecology of the New Testament: Cre...

Mark Bredin

God is the Creator of all and cares deeply for all that he has made. His vision for creation is seen through a world teeming with life where eternity is breathed into and through all creation. Jesus teaches that humans must live with ...

Published: Nov 2010

Joy: An Eight Week Study of Philippia...

Deb Burma

Sure, we find joy in our triumphs, but not so much in the trials. Yet real joy, genuine joy, is always ours in the saving grace of Christ Jesus.This women's Bible study on the Book of Philippians, the "letter of joy," unpack...

Published: May 2019

Mark: The Gospel of Passion

Michael Card

"Follow Me," Jesus told them, "and I will make you into fishers of men!" Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. --Mark 1:17-18 The Gospel of Mark is a book of action and passion. Events happen one after...

Published: Mar 2012

Showing the Spirit: A Theological Exp...

D. A. Carson

Eschewing extremes, Bible scholar D. A. Carson explores the controversial subject of the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer and in the life of the church. Unpacking 1 Corinthians 12-14, as well as touching on relevant p...

Published: Jan 2019

Reforming Joy: A Conversation Between...

Tim Chester

Have you lost your joy? Do you feel like you have to prove yourself? Does your Christian life feel routine and performance oriented, driven by duty and obligation?The letter of Galatians was written to Christians who had lost their j...

Published: Aug 2018

Pure Heart: Restoration of the Heart ...

Tom Cole

"Pure Heart: Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes" is a journey into the deep treasures of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Each chapter addresses one of the eight Beatitudes in a unique approach to inner healing. God ...

Published: Feb 2015

The Message of the General Epistles i...

Brandon D. Crowe

This volume considers the theological richness (indicative) and practical relevance (imperative) of the New Testament General Epistles—James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, and Jude—within a redemptive-historical framework. Although not the...

Published: Jun 2015

Finding Joy When Life Is Out Of Focus...

Angela Donadio

"Is it possible to have true joy in the midst of tough times? I've personally wrestled with this question and Angela has too. It's from that place of struggle turned strength that Angela beautifully points us to our ultimate Sour...

Published: Sep 2018

Creating a Scene in Corinth: A Simula...

Reta Halteman Finger

Creating a Scene imaginatively draws readers into Chloe's house church, which has just received a letter from their church planter, the apostle Paul. Using group simulation, the book brings to life scholarly research on how the gospel...

Published: May 2013

Faith: A Bible Study on James for Wom...

Keri Folmar

James is a letter written to a suffering church to spur them on to live authentic lives of faith. Faith: A Bible Study on James for Women guides you in an in-depth study of the letter of James. One of the few truly inductive Bible stu...

Published: Mar 2014

The Women of the Gospels: Missionarie...

Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan

The Women of the Gospels: Missionaries of God's Love by Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan The Gospels portray women as significant and influential members of Jesus' followers. This Bible study presents six examples of women in the Gospels: Eliz...

Published: Jul 2010

The Quest for Mary Magdalene

Michael Haag

From Michael Haag, the international bestselling author of The Templars: The History & the Myth and The Tragedy of the Templars, comes a fascinating account of one of the most mysterious and controversial figures in religious history....

Published: Mar 2016

The Gospel of Grace and Truth: A Theo...

Michael D. Halsey

The Gospel of John is one of the most widely read and cherished books of the Bible. For those seeking to know and grasp the message and theology of John's Gospel, THE GOSPEL OF GRACE AND TRUTH provides a thorough and enlightening intr...

Published: Feb 2015

Reading John for the First Time

Wilfrid J. Harrington

In this brief and insightful blueprint for reading and appreciating the Gospel of John, noted scripture scholar Wilfrid J. Harrington, OP, guides the reader through the major themes of the Gospel. John has wholly imposed the Christ of...

Published: Mar 2016

The Letter of James: A Pastoral Comme...

Addison Hodges Hart

The Letter of James is perhaps needed more than ever today. In this commentary, Hart argues that the epistle is indeed the work of James of Jerusalem, "the brother of the Lord," that it was an encyclical letter, and that its...

Published: Oct 2018

Servant of All: Status, Ambition, and...

Craig C. Hill

There exists a deep tension between the biblical view of servant leaders and the status that Christian leaders today often desire and pursue. Many pastors and other church leaders, like it or not, struggle with ambition. In this book ...

Published: Nov 2016

Blessed Are the Stressed: Secrets to ...

Mary Lea Hill

Blessed are the stressed, grouchy, and grumpy-for they too can learn the secrets of a happy heart! Best-selling author Sr. Mary Lea Hill helps you delve deeper into the beatitudes, our special passageways to joy, and unlocks their sec...

Published: Jan 2016

Paul, Women and Church

Dr Eddie L. Hyatt

In "Paul, Women and Church," Dr. Eddie Hyatt argues convincingly that Paul the Apostle was a friend of women and an advocate for their equal status in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He does this by showing the many women in Pau...

Published: Apr 2017

What God Really Thinks about Women

Sharon Jaynes

Popular speaker, teacher, and author Sharon Jaynes (more than 235,000 copies sold) reveals the stories of women in the Bible who had meaningful encounters with Jesus. With her trademark biblical perspective, Sharon spends time with Je...

Published: Jun 2010

Peter: From Reckless to Rock Solid

Blake Jennings

A brash, outspoken fisherman, Peter doesn't seem like someone who would become a selfless leader. But God's grace is limitless, and He can transform anyone's character for His purposes. Peter equips students to rely on the Holy Spirit...

Published: Oct 2012

The New Testament: A Very Short Intro...

Luke Timothy Johnson

As ancient literature and a cornerstone of the Christian faith, the New Testament has exerted a powerful religious and cultural impact. But how much do we really know about its origins? Who were the people who actually wrote the sacre...

Published: Mar 2010

An Introduction to the Greek New Test...

Dirk Jongkind

Is the New Testament text reliable?What do we do with textual variants?How do I use the Greek New Testament?This short book, written as a companion to The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge, provides crucial inf...

Published: May 2019


J. Ellsworth Kalas

Journey inside the pages of Scripture to meet a personal God who enters individual lives and begins a creative work from the inside out. Shaped with the individual in mind, Immersion encourages simultaneous engagement both with the Wo...

Published: Jan 2011
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