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What Do Jesus' Parables Mean?

R. C. Sproul

The Good Samaritan. The Prodigal Son. The Pearl of Great Price. Jesus was well known for using parables to illustrate a point. These short stories can be simple enough for a child to understand, yet they are also profound and have lef...

Published: Mar 2019

Jesus, the Temple and the Coming Son ...

Robert H. Stein

The Gospels contain many hard sayings of Jesus, but perhaps none have puzzled and intrigued readers as much as Jesus' discourse on the coming of the Son of Man in Mark 13. Is Jesus speaking entirely of an event in the near future, a c...

Published: Oct 2014

Living on the Plain: The Gospel of Lu...

Mike Stone

With humor and a warm invitation to participate in a transformative journey of faith, Living on the Plain is a clear, practical, and meaningful guide for those who want to follow Jesus. Angels, genealogies, miracles, and parables are ...

Published: Oct 2020

The Beatitudes: Developing Spiritual ...

John Stott

Study Scripture with John Stott\r\n The beatitudes reveal to us eight qualities that bring God\'s blessing: meekness and mercy, poorness in spirit and purity of heart, mourning and hunger, peacemaking and persecution. Jesus highli...

Published: Jun 2020

Jesus Behaving Badly: The Puzzling Pa...

Mark L. Strauss

Everybody likes Jesus. Don't they? We overlook that Jesus was Judgmental―preaching hellfire far more than the apostle PaulUncompromising―telling people to hate their familiesChauvinistic―excluding women from leadershipRacistâ€...

Published: Nov 2015

Jesus: The Life and Ministry of God t...

A. W. Tozer

Reflections on Christ, from a beloved spiritual writerA. W. Tozer was a man of remarkable knowledge, an avid reader of Christians and philosophers from throughout the ages. But he meditated on the Bible, making him—like John Wesl...

Published: Mar 2017

Unexplainable Jesus: Rediscovering th...

Erica Wiggenhorn

When's the last time you were captivated by Jesus?Crowds clamored, women wept in awe, disciples dared to do the impossible—all because of Jesus. Somewhere in the overly familiar we've lost our fascination. Whether you're worn thin, ...

Published: Jun 2019

The Wonder-Working God: Seeing the Gl...

Jared C. Wilson

Do you believe in miracles?Walking on water. Multiplying the fish and the loaves. Raising Lazarus from the dead. The miracles of Jesus may be well known, but they're often misunderstood. In The Wonder-Working God, pastor Jared Wilson ...

Published: Jul 2014

A Pierced & Embraced: Seven Life-Chan...

Kelli Worrall

How would you describe the love of God?Throughout the Gospel accounts, Jesus engaged women differently than He did men. Sometimes the difference is subtle. Sometimes it is stark. Always it is profound.Sometimes the love He offers t...

Published: Aug 2017

Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testame...

Christopher J. H. Wright

We cannot know Jesus without knowing his story. Today the debate over who Jesus is rages on. Has the Bible bound Christians to a narrow and mistaken notion of Jesus? Should we listen to other gospels, other sayings of Jesus, that enla...

Published: Nov 2014

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel Is N...

N. T. Wright

The bishop, Bible scholar, modern heir to C. S. Lewis, and revered author of Simply Christian and Simply Jesus offers a fresh look at the Gospel, explaining why Jesus' message is "good news" and why it is more timely and tra...

Published: Jan 2017

Lessons from the Upper Room: The Hear...

Sinclair B. Ferguson

No Description

Published: Jun 2021


Gary R. Habermas

No Description

Published: Nov 2020

The Seven Virtues

Fulton J. Sheen

No Description

Published: Jun 2022

The Silent Jesus: Learning from Our L...

Mike Wallbridge

No Description

Published: Jul 2021
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