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Meditations before Mass

Romano Guardini

A treasury of spiritual wisdom on how to prepare your mind, body, and heart for Mass from one of the twentieth century's great theologians, Meditations before Mass is Romano Guardini's smart and beautiful guide to spiritual preparatio...

Published: Apr 2014

Barbara Anderson Uncensored: Eyewitne...

Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson was a Jehovah's Witness from 1954 to 1997. But while working as a researcher and writer at their worldwide headquarters from 1982 thru 1992, something went terribly wrong. Barbara uncovered a conflict that would derai...

Published: Apr 2018

The Franciscan Tradition

Regis J. Armstrong

Anselm Grün, O.S.B., famed Benedictine author and cellarer—supplies manager—of his monastery at Münsterschwarzach, offers brief reflections on aspects of the Rule of Benedict. He sketches the life of Benedict and reflects on how...

Published: May 2010

The Spirit of the Liturgy

Benedict XVI

New Softcover Edition with Index!  Considered by Ratzinger devotees as his greatest work on the Liturgy, this profound and beautifully written treatment of the "great prayer of the Church" will help readers rediscover the L...

Published: Jan 2015

Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms...

Adam C. Blai

How do you fight an enemy you can't see? In this field guide to defense against the demonic, Adam Blai, an expert in religious demonology and exorcism for the diocese of Pittsburgh, shares information and advice gained over years of e...

Published: Aug 2017

Church Forsaken: Practicing Presence ...

Jonathan Brooks

"There are no God-forsaken places, just church-forsaken places." ―Jon Fuller, OMF International Jonathan Brooks was raised in the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. As soon as he was able, he left the com...

Published: Aug 2016

On Being a Bishop

Robert Burns

"This little book is a hidden gem of the wisdom and consciousness that has come through the independent Catholic experience of the 20th and 21st centuries. It teaches us both how to be a bishop and how not to be a bishop. If we c...

Published: Jun 2016

You Can Pray: Finding Grace to Pray E...

Tim Chester

"This book is not about the steps you can take to become a great pray-er. The message of this book is that you already are a great pray-er in Christ. Through Christ, you can pray."Tim Chester shows us how we become great pra...

Published: Oct 2014

Defending the Christian Freemason

William de la More

For generations, Freemasonry has faced opposition from the Christian church due to concerns about the organization's rites, rituals, and symbolism. In "Defending the Christian Freemason," the author offers counterarguments t...

Published: Jul 2018

Freedom and Forgiveness: A Fresh Look...

Paul Farren

Book by Farren, Paul

Published: Mar 2014

A Place to Belong: Learning to Love t...

Megan Hill

"This book is positively, intelligently, and helpfully countercultural." --Nancy Guthrie, author, Even Better than Eden; Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus; and the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series The c...

Published: May 2020

Honest Worship: From False Self to Tr...

Manuel Luz

When asked by his son why some churches have smoke machines, worship pastor Manuel Luz found himself responding, "Well, technically, you need smoke machines to see the lasers." But when you take down the smoke screen, what d...

Published: Jul 2018

Ignatian Spirituality A to Z

Jim Manney

What is discernment? Who was Peter Faber? Why do the Jesuits exude such optimism? Awareness. Emotions. Love. Work. We use such words every day in normal conversation, but those same words take on special meaning when used in the conte...

Published: Oct 2017

General Baptist History

D. B. Montgomery

Whoever you may be or whether you read its pages in search of Baptist truths, or simply as a critic, or as a confiding General Baptist, you are kindly asked to remember that it is the first effort of the author, Rev. D. B. Montgomery....

Published: Jun 2015

The Art of Thomas Merton: A Divine Pa...

John Moses

Few religious scholars have been the subject of as much scrutiny and interpretation as Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk, contemplative, social critic, ecumenist, and prolific author of The Seven Storey Mountain as well as 20+ other bo...

Published: Feb 2018

How Not to Say Mass; A Guidebook on L...

Dennis Chester Smolarski

How Not to Say Mass looks first at general principles for liturgy, for understanding symbols, and for being a presider. Examining the Mass, section by section, using the approach of via negativefocusing on what NOT to dothe author rem...

Published: Sep 2015

Liturgy and Personality

Dietrich Von Hildebrand

The principal point of the book you are about to read is that the liturgy of the Church decisively shapes a healthy personality. Hildebrand insists throughout the text that the primary purpose of the liturgy is not to form the persona...

Published: Jun 2016
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