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InterSpiritual Meditation: A Seven-St...

Edward W. Bastian

InterSpiritual Meditation is a universal process drawn from the world's spiritual traditions. It helps individuals to cultivate inner peace, wisdom, and compassion. Its seven-step process enables people of different spiritual practice...

Published: Feb 2015

When One Religion Isn't Enough: The L...

Duane R. Bidwell

An exploration into the lives of people who embrace two or more religious traditions, and what this growing community tells us about change in our societyNamed a best book of 2018 by Library JournalIn the United States, we often assum...

Published: Sep 2019

Finding Jesus among Muslims: How Lovi...

Jordan Denari Duffner

Why should Christians engage in interfaith dialogue with Muslims? Does Islam have anything to offer Christians? What is Islamophobia, and what should we do about it?These are just some of the questions addressed in Finding Jesus among...

Published: Dec 2017

God's Prayer: A Sacred Challenge to H...

Michael L. Kagan

One day, Israeli scientist and spiritual teacher, Michael Kagan, sat down to say his morning prayers. As he was about to take up his prayer book, he suddenly heard—"Are you ready?" Ready for what? he thought. "Ready t...

Published: Jul 2014

Winsome Conviction: Disagreeing Witho...

Tim Muehlhoff

We generally assume that those sitting around us in church share our beliefs. But when our personal convictions are contested by fellow Christians, everything changes. We feel attacked from behind. When other Christians doubt or deny...

Published: Dec 2020

Idolatry: Journey out of Egypt

Josh Muglia

Idolatry. The word brings up images in our heads of golden calves, or stone statues carved for pagan gods. We picture people bowing down before these things, and laying offerings at their feet. While these things are indeed linked wit...

Published: Feb 2020

Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History...

Luder G. Whitlock Jr

Throughout the centuries, Christians have longed to be united with one another—supporting each other and working in harmony. But our reality is very different, and we need only to read the New Testament to realize that disunity has ...

Published: May 2017

Chinese Humanism and Christian Spirit...

John C. H. Wu

In the essays collected here, John C. H. Wu (1899-1986), the prominent 20th-century scholar of both Chinese and western law, philosophy, literature, and spirituality, illustrates with striking originality the harmonious synthesis of C...

Published: Dec 2017
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