Religion - Ethics

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How to Be Secular: A Call to Arms for...

Jacques Berlinerblau

Founding father Thomas Jefferson believed that "religion is a matter which lies solely between Man and his God," but these days many people seem to have forgotten this ideal. Conservatives claim America is a "Christi...

Published: Sep 2013

All Our Children: The Church's Call t...

Church Publishing

The church understands community as unity in diversity: Paul's vision of the Body of Christ as a physical body, with all parts welcomed and honored as parts of the whole, is an image of community as revolutionary in our day as it was ...

Published: Apr 2017

Executive Misbehavior

Paul Dibrito

The rise and fall of any organization begins with leadership. EXECUTIVE MISBEHAVIOR is a serious, informative, eye-opening book that adds valuable insights to the danger of executive entitlement and loss of focus that face today's co...

Published: Oct 2014

Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Sex an...

Elliot N. Dorff

In the newest addition to the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series, co-editors Elliot Dorff and Danya Ruttenberg have brought together a diverse group of Jews to comment on how Judaism affects their views and actions regarding sex. Co...

Published: May 2010

Responsible Living: Explorations in A...

Ron Epstein

Moral dilemmas of the modern world Does genetic engineering have the potential to be as dangerous a nuclear holocaust? Will playing games online lead to brain shrinkage? These and other environmental and moral dilemmas of the modern w...

Published: Mar 2018

Plough Quarterly No. 1: Living the Se...

Russell D. Moore

How close do we dare to get to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount? It's widely considered the key to understanding who Jesus was and what mission he strove to fulfill. For two millennia, countless people have wrestled to apply it, from August...

Published: May 2014

On Care for Our Common Home: The Ency...

Pope Francis

Study Guide Included for Reflection and Discussion. Addressed not only to Catholics but to every person living on this planet, Pope Francis second encyclical is a challenging call for a bold cultural revolution in how we think about t...

Published: Sep 2015
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