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The Great Transformation

Karen Armstrong

From one of the world's leading writers on religion and the highly acclaimed author of the bestselling A History of God, The Battle for God and The Spiral Staircase, comes a major new work: a chronicle of one of the most important int...

Published: Apr 2007

The Ancient Religion of the Sun: The ...

Lara Atwood

The ancient Religion of the Sun has been one of the most powerful influencers on human history. It originated in the depths of prehistory, possibly tens of thousands of years ago, and influenced the major civilizations of the ancient ...

Published: Jan 2021

Galateo: Or, the Rules of Polite Beha...

Giovanni Della Casa

"Since it is the case that you are now just beginning that journey that I have for the most part as you see completed, that is, the one through mortal life, and loving you so very much as I do, I have proposed to myself—as one ...

Published: Sep 2014

St. Dominic: The Story of a Preaching...

Donald J. Goergen

The Order of Preachers, the Dominicans, celebrate the 800th anniversary of their founding in 2016. This book revisits the life of Dominic in light of the most recent historical research. At the same time it attempts to bring the saint...

Published: May 2016

A Little History of Religion (Little ...

Richard Holloway

For curious readers young and old, a rich and colorful history of religion from humanity's earliest days to our own contentious times In an era of hardening religious attitudes and explosive religious violence, this book offers a welc...

Published: Sep 2017

Indo-European Mythology and Religion:...

Alexander Jacob

The essays presented in this collection are based on Alexander Jacob's earlier works, Ātman: A Reconstruction of the Solar Cosmology of the Indo-Europeans, Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 2005 and Brahman: A Study of the Solar Rituals of the...

Published: Feb 2019

The Great and Holy War: How World War...

Philip Jenkins

The Great and Holy War offers the first look at how religion created and prolonged the First World War. At the one-hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the war, historian Philip Jenkins reveals the powerful religious dimensions of...

Published: Apr 2015

How to Prepare for Hard Times and Per...

Maria M. Kneas

Official government documents say that evangelical Christians are potential terrorists, and some Christian groups are even called hate groups. Christian doctors and nurses are being forced to perform abortions, and a Christian baker h...

Published: Jun 2015

The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Very Short In...

Timothy Lim

Since their discovery in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls have become an icon in popular culture that transcends their status as ancient Jewish manuscripts. Everyone has heard of the Scrolls, but amidst the conspiracies, the politics, and t...

Published: Jul 2017

The Great Second Advent Movement: Its...

J. N. Loughborough

J. N. Loughborough was the first historian of the denomination. He was present more than 50 times when Ellen White received visions and he recounts the fascinating phenomena that accompanied them. By request of Ellen White, he wrote t...

Published: May 2015

Religion as We Know It: An Origin Sto...

Jack Miles

A brief, beautiful invitation to the study of religion from a Pulitzer Prize winner.How did our forebears begin to think about religion as a distinct domain, separate from other activities that were once inseparable from it? Starting ...

Published: Nov 2019

Martyrdom: A Very Short Introduction

Jolyon Mitchell

One person's "martyr" is another person's "terrorist," and one person's "martyrdom operation" is another's "suicide bombing." Suicide attacks around the world have raised many troubling question...

Published: Jan 2013

That Hideous Strength: How the West W...

Melvin Tinker

C S Lewis readers will identify the main title of this new book: Melvin Tinker uses Lewis s prescient fiction work as a launchpad for a fascinating look at the rapidly changing worldview of Western civilization. Too often books dealin...

Published: Jul 2018

A Plain Account of Christian Perfecti...

John Wesley

John Wesley offers a comprehensive teaching on the doctrine of Christian perfection. In it, he describes the evolution of his own theological reasoning, telling the story of how he came to understand and preach this doctrine in his ow...

Published: Sep 2020

The Evolution of God

Robert Wright

Through the prisms of archaeology, theology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology, Wright shows how and why religion can strengthen the social order and why modern science, contrary to conventional wisdom, affirms the validity of...

Published: May 2010

World Religions Primary Sources Pack

Carole Marsh

No Description

Published: Apr 2018

How Did We Get Here?: How Humanity Ab...

Sohail Shakeri

No Description

Published: Apr 2021

America's Mary: The Story of Our Lady...

Marge Steinhage Fenelon

No Description

Published: Jun 2021
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