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The Torah: A Beginner's Guide

Joel Kaminsky

There is no question that the Torah has had an enormous influence on Western Civilization. It is the source of widely known characters like Joseph, Moses, and Noah, and timeless stories such as the Garden of Eden and the Exodus. Joi...

Published: Nov 2011

The Wisdom of Maimonides: The Life an...

Edward Hoffman

Here is an accessible introduction to the life and wisdom of the famous twelfth-century philosopher-physician Moses Maimonides, whose prolific writings on medical and religious issues, commentaries on Jewish texts, and writings on Jew...

Published: May 2008

The Book of Enoch: (translated by R. ...


"The Book of Enoch" is one of the most notable extant apocryphal works of the Bible. Estimated to have been written around 300 BC, this ancient Jewish religious work is ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather o...

Published: Sep 2018

Directing the Heart: Weekly Mindfulne...

Rabbi Yael Levy

"Directing the Heart: Weekly Mindfulness Teachings and Practices from the Torah" contains meditations and suggestions for Mindfulness practice inspired by the first five books of the Bible. For each week of the year, Rabbi Y...

Published: Nov 2019

Eco Bible: An Ecological Commentary o...

Yonatan Neril

What does the Bible say about ecology? As people face huge ecological challenges-including growing hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and plastic pollution-the groundbreaking Eco Bible dives into this question. Drawing on 3,500 years o...

Published: Oct 2020

The (Unofficial) Muggle Megillah

Aviva Shur

What would you name a tale of an orphaned young person, thrust into alien surroundings, who must adjust to a new society, fight powerful enemies of ancient vintage, and save their entire people, all the while struggling with issues of...

Published: Feb 2019
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