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The Interfaith Prayer Book: New Expan...

Ted Brownstein

The first edition of the Interfaith Prayer Book was released in 2001. It proved to be immensely popular for use both at interfaith gatherings and for personal reflection, having found its way into hospitals, motel rooms and college cl...

Published: Apr 2014

Bless This Food: Ancient and Contempo...

Adrian Butash

Grace before meals is the prayer said most often in homes around the world, an act of worship common to every known society. The universal experience of sharing food fundamentally connects people to one another, to nature, and to the ...

Published: Aug 2013

5-Minute Daily Meditations: Instant W...

Sah D'Simone

Five minutes is all it takes to make mindfulness a part of your everyday routine with 5-Minute Daily Meditations.Whenever you're ready to take five―on your commute, between appointments, or after dinner―5-Minute Daily Meditations ...

Published: Aug 2018

The Secret Garage: Unlock a Purpose-F...

Phil Robbins

Do you have a longing in your heart to do more with your life? If so, The Secret Garage is for you. This book provides a powerful view into how you can overcome any obstacle with the power of prayer. Through inspiring stories, Phil Ro...

Published: Aug 2016
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