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Holy Communion: Celebrating God with ...

Experience God in the here and now through Communion.This book explores how celebrating the presence of God With Us through Holy Communion nourishes our souls, refreshes our sense of community, and equips us for mission in Christ's na...

Published: Dec 2014

First Communion Liturgies: Preparing ...

Donna M. Eschenauer

Why do parish First Communion Masses so often neglect good liturgical principles? Should these celebrations resemble something analogous to a recital? Or, should they be celebrations worthy of the praise and glory of God?      ...

Published: Aug 2014

Spreading the Feast: Instruction and ...

Howard Griffith

The church's ministry of the Lord's Supper is vital, but students and pastors often think of this sacrament almost completely in terms of theological differences. Congregations hear few sermons about how God builds his people's faith,...

Published: Dec 2015

Study Guide for the Lamb's Supper

Scott Hahn

In The Lamb's Supper, Scott Hahn connects the Catholic Mass with the early Christians' understanding of the New Testament's Book of Revelation, explaining that the mystical visions of heaven found in Revelation can shed light on the s...

Published: Nov 2010

100 Things Every Child Should Know Be...

Rebecca Kirkpatrick

Many youth arrive at confirmation classes without a basic grasp of key Bible stories or Christian traditions. This book helps to fill that gap, offering Sunday school teachers, parents, and adult volunteers a compact guide for equippi...

Published: Jan 2016

One Love: A Pastoral Guide to the Ord...

Paul Turner

The publication of the second edition of The Order of Celebrating Matrimony provides new liturgical and pastoral opportunities for presiders and parishes. In One Love, Fr. Paul Turner—one of the most reliable experts in Catholic lit...

Published: Aug 2016

The Baptism of Your Child: A Book for...

Carol A. Wehrheim

There are few things more joyous in a congregation than the presentation of a new baby or small child for baptism. But even lifelong Christians can lack an understanding of the theology and terminology surrounding baptism. The Baptism...

Published: Mar 2018
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