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An Exorcist Explains How to Heal the ...

Paolo Carlin

From one of the world's leading exorcists comes this eye-opening book to help you recognize genuine cases of diabolical possession — and know what to do when your friends or family show behaviors that leave you suspicious.Leaning he...

Published: Mar 2018

The Best Angel Stories

Editors of Guideposts

Be Touched By an AngelHere from the editors of Angels on Earth and Guideposts are 80+ stories of real people who encountered real angels--whether the angels appear as a cloud of butterflies or a strain of heavenly music or adorned wit...

Published: Sep 2015

Victory in Spiritual Warfare: Outfitt...

Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans, one of the most respected church leaders in the country, is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, a thriving congregation of 8000. In this timely, unique exploration of spiritual warfar...

Published: Aug 2011

His Angels at Our Side: Understanding...

Fr John Horgan

Meet the mighty spirits sent by God to enlighten and guide us, defend us from harm, and lead us on the path to eternal life. Learn how angels are invisibly present at every moment of your life, and how they can pray with you and for y...

Published: May 2017

Who Is Satan?

Joseph F. Kelly

How does the Bible's teaching on the devil square with psychology and other modern scientific disciplines that seem to have driven Satan into the realm of myth? Why does 666 signify the devil? Is Satan the Antichrist or does that term...

Published: Aug 2013

Leviathan's Ruse, Vol. 1: The Compreh...

Alexander Lawrence

The Bible speaks several times about a powerful and terrifying sea serpent named Leviathan. An ancient dragon with no rival, it is used as a symbol of the first and greatest heavenly being. Although this being started life as a magnif...

Published: Apr 2016

Operating in the Court of Angels

Praying Medic

Angels Are Waiting For You More and more believers are appearing in the courts of heaven. As a result, illnesses have vanished, legal proceedings against them have been halted and demonic attacks have suddenly stopped. Many Christian...

Published: Sep 2017

The Secret Language of Angels: What E...

Kathy Mursch

Angels are God's messengers, but sometimes we have difficulty comprehending the messages they bring because we don't understand the languages they use to speak to us. We need a "Rosetta Stone" to decipher them, and Kathy Mur...

Published: Nov 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfa...

Rev Pedro Okoro

STOP struggling with the devil. START enforcing your victory!! Let Bible teacher and bestselling author, Rev Pedro Okoro teach you to fight FROM victory, not FOR victory in his fantastic new book on spiritual warfare, The Ultimate Gu...

Published: Jul 2015

The Best Angel Stories 2

The Editors of Guideposts

Featuring stories by Eben Alexander, Mary C. Neal, Sophie Bernhard and many others. Here from the editors of Angels on Earth and Guideposts are 82 stories of real people who encountered real angels—whether the angels appear as a...

Published: Sep 2016

From the Craft to Christ: The Allure ...

S. A. Tower

Are you being seduced by deception? Surprisingly, many Christians are. We see Wicca, New Age philosophies and Neo-paganism carving significant inroads into the very fabric of today's culture. Yet, the most dangerous deception is not ...

Published: Sep 2014

Biblical Demonology: A Study of Spiri...

Merrill F. Unger

A classic work on the subject of demons and the spirit world, Biblical Demonology explores the scriptural teaching on satanic forces in a systematic fashion. After a thorough introduction on the origin of biblical demonology and a dis...

Published: Jun 2011

Angels and Demons: Encounters in the ...

Michael Van Vlymen

There is a lot of interest in the supernatural in the world today. Angels and demons have become a hot topic. You might think that Hollywood, in their desire to make a profit, would create a supernatural fantasy world so far from the ...

Published: Oct 2015
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