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Life Together

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the most influential Christian martyrs in history, bequeathed to humanity a legacy of theological creativity and spirituality that continues to intrigue people from a variety of backgrounds. Life Togetherga...

Published: Nov 2015

De Anima, or about the Soul


The De Anima (On the Soul) is the first and most general of Aristotle’s biological works and as such is the most important work in the study of nature after the Physics of Aristotle. It is presupposed to Aristotle’s Sense ...

Published: Mar 2021

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus o...

Reza Aslan

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYGood Housekeeping • Booklist • Publishers Weekly • BookishFrom the internationally bestselling author of No god but God comes a fascinating, provocative, and ...

Published: Sep 2014

After Ten Years: Dietrich Bonhoeffer ...

Victoria J. Barnett

How does one read the signs of the times? What does it mean to resist? How do we engage faithfully in struggle? Dietrich Bonhoeffer has achieved iconic status as one who epitomizes what it means to struggle and resist tyranny and fasc...

Published: Oct 2017

26 Champions of the Rosary: The Essen...

Fr Donald H. Calloway

Read this book and learnall about the greatest heroes of the rosary in Church history, prepare yourselfto join their ranks, and respond to the challenges of the present age by taking up the spiritual sword of Heaven: the rosary!Intern...

Published: Aug 2017

The Reformation: What You Need to Kno...

Jem Cameron

The Reformation changed everything - culture, commerce and learning. Here in these few pages we focus on its core, its defining of a new Protestant church.While Wittenberg in 1517 is often regarded as the start of the Reformation, th...

Published: May 2017

Black and Reformed: Seeing God's Sove...

Anthony J. Carter

African Americans have a rich and compelling Christian heritage—one that stretches back to foundational figures such as the church fathers Augustine and Tertullian. Yet white Christians often expect their black brothers and sisters ...

Published: Jan 2016

The Lost Message of Paul: Why Has the...

Steve Chalke

In the early years of the 16th century a young German monk by the name of Martin Luther came to believe that the shape of the established Church and its relationship to the State did not fit the needs of the world in which he was call...

Published: Aug 2019

The Characters of Easter: The Villain...

Daniel Darling

Meet the unlikely people who witnessed history’s greatest event. At Easter, the Son of God took on the world’s sin and defeated the devil, death, and grave. How is it, then, that history’s most glorious moment is su...

Published: Feb 2021

The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covena...

Pascal Denault

"Pascal Denault deserves many thanks for his labor in researching and describing the nuances of English covenant theology in the Seventeenth Century. He has uncovered significant factors contibuting to the differences between Pre...

Published: Jan 2017

Accidental Theologians: Four Women Wh...

Elizabeth A. Dreyer

One might well be tempted to think that the history of Christianity, particularly its theology, has been largely shaped by men. This book dispels that notion to some degree by highlighting the four women Doctors of the Catholic Church...

Published: Sep 2014

Cornerstones of Salvation

Lee Gatiss

Lee Gatiss' Cornerstones of Salvation is a model for historical theology done in service of the church. The scholarship is penetrating in its depth, yet written in an engaging manner able to speak to the general reader. Indeed, the hi...

Published: Jun 2017

An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth

David Guretzki

Anyone exploring a new territory knows the benefit of an experienced guide. A guide can make the difference between tiresome drudgery and a life-changing adventure. This is as true for exploring new thinkers and books as it is for pla...

Published: Dec 2016

Eight Women of Faith

Michael A. Haykin

With the majority of books about church history centering on the lives and accomplishments of men, it is easy for contemporary Christians to forget the vital role that women have played in the history of Christianity. Drawing from jou...

Published: Jul 2016

Immanuel Kant: A Very Brief History

Anthony Kenny

This brief historical introduction to Immanuel Kant explores the social, political and religious factors that formed the original context of his life and writings, and considers how those factors affected the way he was initially rece...

Published: Jun 2019

Martin Luther in His Own Words: Essen...

Jack D. Kilcrease

Though most of the Protestant world can trace its roots back to the Reformation, many people today have only a vague knowledge of Martin Luther's writings. "Didn't he write the Ninety-Five Theses?" Jack Kilcrease and Erwin L...

Published: Apr 2017

Eastern and Reformed: A Theological E...

Abraham Kuruvilla

The book looks into the liturgy of the Mar Thoma Church. The Mar Thoma Church claims to be eastern and reformed. An enquiry is made into the liturgy of the passion week and the Eucharist to look into the theology of Atonement (work of...

Published: Sep 2018

The Historical Interpretation of the ...

Georges E. Laine

Most people agree that Jesus was a real person who lived and walked on this earth. Yet, many controversies surround His birth, life and ministry, and death and resurrection. Critics have no problem with the historical Jesus, but the i...

Published: May 2019

Was the Reformation a Mistake?: Why C...

Matthew Levering

Was the Reformation a mistake?In its actual historical context, it hardly seems fair to call the Reformation a "mistake." In 1517, the Church was in need of a spiritual and theological reform. The issues raised by Renaissanc...

Published: Sep 2017

Miracles of Our Lord

George MacDonald

MacDonald (1824-1905) was a Scottish author, poet and Christian minister who was a pioneering figure in the field of fantasy literature. This theological work was first published in 1870.

Published: Nov 2017

John Knox for Armchair Theologians

Suzanne McDonald

This volume in the popular Armchair series presents a short and reader-friendly introduction to the tumultuous life and theology of the fiery reformer John Knox. As leader of the Scottish Reformation, Knox notably came into conflict w...

Published: Mar 2013

Ancient Dispensational Truth: Refutin...

James C. Morris

The threadbare argument that dispensational teaching is "new" has been the propaganda of anti-dispensationalists for decades, and many actually believe it. In this fascinating journey through the early Christian writings, Ja...

Published: Oct 2018

Schleiermacher in Plain English (Plai...

Stephen D. Morrison

"It may be an overstatement, but I can think of no figure in recent theological memory misunderstood more severely than Friedrich D. E. Schleiermacher... But I am here to say he is not who you think he is. Schleiermacher is not t...

Published: Apr 2019

A Mighty Current of Grace: The Story ...

Alan Schreck

The Holy Spirit is the secret to the Church's growth and vitality—her "fountain of youth"! The Spirit is constantly renewing the Church, and the current age is no exception. In this book, theologian and author Dr. Alan Sch...

Published: May 2017

Saint Michael the Archangel

James F. Day

No Description

Published: Sep 2020

The Church and the Pope: The Case for...

Robert Spencer

No Description

Published: Jul 2022
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