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John C. Cruz

 Scripture speaks of miracles wrought through relics: a dead man was raised when Elisha's bones touched him, and the clothing of Jesus and His apostles healed the sick. In the early Church, Masses were celebrated over the bones of th...

Published: Oct 2015

Constellation Myths: With Aratus's Ph...


"Athena seized the writhing serpent and hurled it into the sky, and fixed it to the very pole of the heavens."The constellations we recognize today were first mapped by the ancient Greeks, who arranged the stars into pattern...

Published: Aug 2015

Enuma Elish: The Original Text with B...

Ken Goudsward

The Enuma Elish is widely known as the classic Akkadian creation myth, passed down from the Sumerian, and replete with all the gods one has come to expect from ancient mythology. But is this an accurate reading? Were our ancestors sup...

Published: Jan 2022


Edith Hamilton

Since its original publication by Little, Brown and Company in 1942, Edith Hamilton's Mythology has sold millions of copies throughout the world and established itself as a perennial bestseller in its various available formats: hardco...

Published: Jan 2011

Gynomorphs: Goddesses with Penises

David C. a. Hillman

All of western religion springs from the veneration of a bi-gender entity, known to the ancient world as the Gynomorph. The first western god was both male and female. The worship of hermaphroditic gods like the Gynomorph surfaces in ...

Published: Sep 2013

Original Sin: Ritual Child Rape & The...

David C. a. Hillman

ORIGINAL SIN is an investigation of sacred Christian mysteries of antiquity to show the historic link between the use of drugs and ritualized sex embedded in Western religion.ORIGINAL SIN is an investigation of the first acts of pedop...

Published: Oct 2012

The Turin Shroud: Physical Evidence o...

Mark Niyr

The Turin Shroud is an intriguing scientific journey exploring one of the greatest mysteries of the world. It has captivated the curiosity of international scientists, as well as religious and non-religious inquirers. Hopefully, this ...

Published: Nov 2020
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