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The Sabbath Activity Book

Bible Pathway Adventures

Let's honor the Sabbath! The Sabbath Activity Book is packed with wonderful ideas to teach children about the Sabbath in a fun and creative way. Includes 40+ pages of engaging activities, puzzles, coloring pages, and fun worksheets - ...

Published: Dec 2020

50,000 Degrees and Cloudy: A Better R...

Hollisa Alewine Phd

Rapture or Resurrection? Many believe in an end-time event called The Rapture. Since most believers also expect a time of worldwide catastrophe called The Tribulation, the timing of The Rapture is often intertwined with that event in ...

Published: Sep 2019

Pharisee: Friend or Foe? (BEKY Books)...

Hollisa Alewine Phd

The word "Pharisee" in modern use means a hypocrite. Bible students rarely challenge this stereotype, but a closer reading of the gospel texts and First Century history bring new insights into the role of the Pharisees and t...

Published: Dec 2018

The Seven Shepherds: Hanukkah in Prop...

Hollisa Alewine Phd

"Peter, do you love me?" This question and Yeshua's response to Peter are a key to unlocking the mystery of the Gentiles and Chanukkah, a holiday that most non-Jews believe is unique to Judaism. The prophesied Messiah was to...

Published: May 2017

The Biblical New Moon: A Beginner's G...

Kisha Gallagher

Of all of the Biblical holidays, the new moon is perhaps the most overlooked or forgotten. Compared to the other feast days, the new moon is rarely mentioned in the Bible. In those few references, even less instruction is given. The B...

Published: Sep 2016

Through Jewish Eyes

Craig Hartman

In Through Jewish Eyes, you'll find a myriad of parallels between Jewish customs and New Testament truth. Drawing from his own Jewish heritage, Hartman demonstrates how to use these parallels as points of contact for a gospel witness ...

Published: May 2010

Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets: R...

Larry Huch

God's eyes are constantly searching for someone to heal, someone to bless, someone to prosper, and someone to favor. In Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets, Pastor Larry Huch reveals God's ancient blessings for your life, such as: Des...

Published: Apr 2011

Lost in Translation Vol. 3: The Book ...

John Klein

Lost in Translation – The Book of Revelation: Two Brides, Two Destinies is a worthy follow-up to its predecessors, Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots of Our Faith and The Book of Revelation through Hebrew Eyes. This is the final in a th...

Published: Mar 2012

Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus: How the ...

Seth Postell

This book addresses the questions about the believer's relationship to the Torah (the five Books of Moses, or the Pentateuch) and its commandments (the Law):Since Jesus kept the Law, are believers (Jewish and Gentile) also obliged to ...

Published: Jul 2019

Healing in the Hebrew Months: Prophet...

Seneca Schurbon

Have you ever considered there might be a pattern to seemingly random “windows of opportunity”? Or that there are specific times where you can be more easily healed or become free in a certain area? What if you really understood w...

Published: Aug 2019

Reigniting Spirit & Truth: The Call o...

Pd Van Der Westhuizen

Look around, there's not many here. This is a special place that looks like Jesus. A place of power, boldness, guidance in the Spirit; and holy obedience to His Truth. It's the Kingdom on Earth. It fills, it satisfies, it sets free, a...

Published: Feb 2018

KIDNAPPED FROM GOD: The Call to Come ...

Jaye Roth

No Description

Published: Feb 2021
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