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Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims Wors...

Jacob Neusner

Most Jews, Muslims, and Christians are devoted and faithful. Still, on any given day, it's difficult to avoid the vigorous and heated disputes between them, whether over the "Ground Zero" mosque, lobbying state legislatures ...

Published: Nov 2012

Catholic Women Speak: Bringing Our Gi...

Tina Beattie

An anthology of essays by women who represent a broad international perspective and come from a variety of personal backgrounds, who believe that the Church cannot come to a wise and informed understanding of family life without liste...

Published: Oct 2015

Letters and Papers from Prison

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Despite Dietrich Bonhoeffer's earlier theological achievements and writings, it was his correspondence and notes from prison that electrified the postwar world six years after his death in 1945. The materials gathered and selected by ...

Published: Jul 1997

Trinity, The: How Not to Be a Heretic...

Stephen Bullivant

The Trinity is Christianity's most basic description of who God actually is and who he needs to be in order to save us. It is at the very heart of what Christians believe, and very little else in Christianity makes sense without it. D...

Published: Apr 2015

Who Are the Real Chosen People?: The ...

Reuven Firestone

What Does It Mean to Be "Chosen"? Why Did God Have to Choose? "To be chosen can have a range of meaning from the mundane to the holy, but in all cases it means to be singled out and preferred over others. In a deep sen...

Published: Sep 2010

Praise the Name of the Lord: Meditati...

Michael Fitzgerald

Christians and Muslims both have an abundance of names for God. The Bible provides Christians with a rich array of names for God, and the ninety-nine Names that Islam gives traditionally to God are drawn from the Qur'an. Praise the Na...

Published: Feb 2017

In Season and Out, Special Feasts

William J. Grimm

The Catholic liturgical calendar is replete with feasts and celebrations that may or may not fall on Sundays. In this volume, Fr William Grimm complements his homilies for the annual cycles (A, B and C) with homilies for feasts that o...

Published: Mar 2016

Chosen to Serve: Why Divine Election ...

Shawn C. Lazar

Most people assume that God has chosen individuals to have everlasting life. They might disagree on whom God has chosen, and why He has chosen them, but they agree that is what the doctrine of election is about. But where is that idea...

Published: Oct 2017

Silence Speaks: Teilhard de Chardin, ...

Robert Nugent

Recounts the interaction between these four theologians and ecclesiastical authorities and describes the effects of disciplinary actions taken against them by Vatican authorities on both their personal and spiritual lives.

Published: Jan 2011

Talking about God: Exploring the Mean...

Daniel F. Polish

Challenge Yourself to Delve into a Deeper Interfaith Dialogue"To wrestle with the ideas these thinkers present is to find ourselves challenged to look at our own religious lives in new ways; and to appreciate the spiritual endeav...

Published: May 2010

Theology, Comedy, Politics

Marcus Pound

What relevance has comedy for the global crises of late-modernity and the theological critique thereof? Coming out of the experience of war, a generation of modern theologians such as Donald MacKinnon, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and, mor...

Published: Sep 2019

Blaming Jesus for Jehovah: Rethinking...

Robert M. Price

Christians consider their religion virtually synonymous with morality, believing there can be no moral standard without a God to guarantee it, no moral behavior without belief in God and knowledge of his commandments. Disbelievers are...

Published: Feb 2016

God without Passions: A Primer

Samuel Renihan

This book deals with something that you may have never even heard of, the doctrine of divine impassibility. Impassibility is not a word often used in sermons. Even when people are studying systematic theology, impassibility tends to r...

Published: Jul 2015

Mary: Who She Is and Why She Matters

Robert Stackpole

Theologian and author Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD, has written an overview of the basic truths about Our Lady and her ongoing role in the Church today with wit and erudition, making this the perfect introduction to the Blessed Virgin Ma...

Published: Mar 2017

How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way ...

Derek W. H. Thomas

In How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home, Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas explores Romans 8, which he calls "the best chapter in the Bible." Here he finds an exposition of the steps through which God leads His people in the proces...

Published: Nov 2019

Religion or Religwrong

Everald Thomas

"Religion OR ReligWRONG, a book that has been long time pending. It's borne out of many years of research and fact finding. It challenges the long standing rhetoric to bring to you the profound results condensed in this volume. T...

Published: Feb 2019

Pocket Gospels and Acts of the Apostl...


This collection of writings on the New Testament, the Acts of the Apostles, and the Letters of the New Testament constitute the canon, a term that means rule, and designates and regards these list of writings as authoritative for Chri...

Published: Jul 2014

The New Calvinism Considered: A Perso...

Jeremy Walker

Of all the various movements that have affected the evangelicalChristian Church in the early years of the 21st century, theyoung, restless and reformed or New Calvinists are among themost significant. Jeremy Walker acknowledges the di...

Published: Oct 2013

Preaching Another Gospel?

Paul Yin &. Andy Ching

No Description

Published: Mar 2017

Nepalese Hymns New


No Description

Published: Sep 2021
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