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The Sleeping Father (Today Show Book ...

Matthew Sharpe

When his father mixes medications and goes into a coma, teenaged Chris Schwartz takes on the role of caretaker, combining loving care with an irreverent attitude that may, in fact, hasten his father's recovery. Meanwhile, his sister C...

Published: Sep 2003

The Confessions of Max Tivoli

Andrew Sean Greer

Max is born old: he looks like a little old man. As he grows up, he gets younger and younger. His life is complicated not only by this quirk but by his love for Alice, who grows older as he grows younger. The action of the novel begin...

Published: Feb 2005

The Dew Breaker

Edwidge Danticat

A scarred Brooklyn resident remembers his past life as a Haitian torturer in the 1960s, a period during which he waged personal and political battles before moving to New York, where his past continued to haunt him throughout his marr...

Published: Mar 2005

Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whal...

Christopher Moore

A whale researcher's unusual observation of a humack whale with "Bite Me" scrawled on its tail starts a rollicking adventure involving an age-old conspiracy, a megalomaniac undersea ruler, and a bizarre long-distance love af...

Published: Jun 2004

The Great Fire

Shirley Hazzard

Soon after the end of World War II, a disillusioned veteran and U.S. Army major named Aldred Leith travels to a Japanese island, hoping to understand the impact of the war on the place. Meanwhile, his friend Peter Exley is investigati...

Published: Jul 2004

Bury the Lead

David Rosenfelt

Asked to help safeguard the innocence of a reporter who has been selected as the mouthpiece for a serial killer, defense attorney Andy Carpenter finds his job proving more difficult than anticipated when the reporter is arrested for t...

Published: Apr 2005

The Photograph

Penelope Lively

Receiving a mysterious photograph of his late wife, Kath, holding hands with another man, self-centered professor Glyn begins a search that proves shocking to Kath's family and friends, who include in their number a remorseless sister...

Published: Jun 2004

The Way the Crow Flies

Ann-Marie MacDonald

Twenty years after her military officer father is forced to choose between loyalties in the wake of a local murder in the early 1960s, Madeleine begins to understand the case's implication and launches a search for the killer. By the ...

Published: Sep 2004


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