Deep Black: Conspiracy (NSA) by Stephen Coonts Paperback Book


Rent Deep Black: Conspiracy (NSA)

Author: Stephen Coonts

Narrator: Jim DeFelice

Format: Unabridged-MP3, Paperback

Publisher: Brilliance Corporation

Published: Jun 2008

Genre: Fiction - Technological

Retail Price: $24.95


A Secret Service agent is dead, an apparent suicide. A presidential candidate narrowly escapes an assassin's bullet. And Desk Three, a covert branch of the NSA, is searching for a chilling connection deep inside the Republic of Vietnam.
Once, Charlie Dean was a Marine sniper in Quang Nam Province. Today he's a Deep Black operator, returning to Vietnam to find the source of some threatening e-mail. Instead, he comes face to face with a man he once hunted down…and thought he had killed.
Back in the U.S., Deep Black agent Lia DeFrancesca has uncovered the trail of a killer in Dean's path. Now, with every asset, weapon, bug and high-tech magic wand Desk Three can wave, the agents enter a terrifying global race against time. Because ghosts of the past have risen to life…to strike a death blow at the heart of the U.S.A.
"Coonts knows how to write and build suspense." – The New York Times Book Review

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