State of the Union: A Thriller by Brad Thor Paperback Book


Rent State of the Union: A Thriller

Author: Brad Thor

Format: Mass Market Paperback, Abridged-CD

Publisher: Pocket Books

Published: Jun 2005

Genre: Fiction - General

Retail Price: $9.99

Pages: 608


America's worst nightmare has just become a brutal reality. The most unlikely terrorist enemy of all now holds a knife against the country's throat. With both diplomatic and conventional military options swept from the table, the president calls upon Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath to disable a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy intended to bring the United States to its knees. Teamed with beautiful Russian Intelligence agent Alexandra Ivanova and a highly trained CIA paramilitary detachment, Harvath embarks on an adrenaline-fueled search that spans the world—and leads to a final, deadly showdown on American soil, with a lethal and sinister enemy from the past.

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