Undead and Unemployed by Mary Janice Davidson Paperback Book


Rent Undead and Unemployed

Author: Mary Janice Davidson

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Berkley Pub Group

Published: Aug 2004

Genre: Fiction - Romance - Contemporary

Retail Price: $7.99

Pages: 294


Undead, and unable to shake her penchant for shoes, Betsy Taylor, the new Queen of the Vampires, gets a job selling designer footwear at Macy's while trying to catch a vicious vampire slayer with the help of a gorgeous ally. Original.

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BookLender review by Sherry on 2008-06-30 13:16:08

When I snort out loud on the train home and donít care that my fellow commuters are staring at me, then thatís a funny book. I just love the swearing, sassy, smart-alecky, comments of Betsy and her crazy pals. The Blade Warriors were hilarious and I enjoyed the writing from the perspective of the police and the priest. Keep it up Maryjanice Davidson I enjoy the laughs, even when I get dirty looks from those around me.

BookLender review by Tanisha on 2008-06-14 17:08:39

This book will have you in tears with it's hilarity. Betsy is a shallow, annoying, lovable shoe-aholic who curses like a sailor. This series only gets better with each book and the fact that Betsys' biggest enjoyment in this book is the fact the she gets a job selling shoes at Macy's is enjoyable.