Wild Fever (Chiasson) (Volume 1) by Donna Grant Paperback Book


Rent Wild Fever (Chiasson) (Volume 1)

Author: Donna Grant

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: DL Grant, LLC

Published: Jan 2014

Genre: Fiction - Romance - Paranormal

Pages: 130


New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant introduces a sizzling new series set in the Louisiana bayous filled with breathtaking romance and the mysticism of the paranormal.

Olivia Breaux left the small Cajun town the day of her high school graduation and never looked back. Until an unfortunate event sends her home ten years later. Returning to her hometown brings back memories and long held desires for the impossibly gorgeous - and aloof - Vincent.

Handsome, resilient Vincent Chiasson takes his job as hunter to supernatural beings in the bayous seriously. When an unknown creature begins killing women the Chiasson family has contact with, Vincent knows this has something to do with his parents' deaths years earlier. To make matters worse, the one woman he's yearned to call his own has returned - and is targeted by the beast. He'll have to face his past - and confront his future - to save Olivia...

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