Clyde N. Wilson

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Lies My Teacher Told Me: The True His...

Clyde N. Wilson

In this hard-hitting collection of 4 essays, Dr Wilson cuts straight to the chase: YOU WERE LIED TO! You were lied to about the nature, character, and cause of the American "Civil War," but that is just the start. The entir...

Published: Jan 2016

Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of ...

Clyde N. Wilson

In this second installment of The Wilson Files, we collect some of Dr. Wilson's most sagacious writings on the topic of nullification and the unenumerated rights reserved to the several sovereign States that comprise the confederation...

Published: Aug 2016

Reconstruction and the New South, 186...

Clyde N. Wilson

THE THIRD INSTALLMENT of Dr. Clyde N. Wilson’s SOUTHERN READER’S GUIDES distills more than a half century of scholarship into identifying and describing 50 essential books on the topic of the Reconstruction (1865-1876) and the New...

Published: Jun 2019
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