John Micklethwait

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The Right Nation: Conservative Power ...

John Micklethwait

How, in a relatively short time, did America veer so far to the right as to become incomprehensible to Europe, as it would no doubt be to Richard Nixon? And why is it likely to remain so no matter who occupies the Oval Office? Like la...

Published: Jun 2005

The Company: A Short History of a Rev...

John Micklethwait

The authors of A Future Perfect provide a close-up look at the history of the joint-stock company and examine its influence on world history, describing the institution's continually evolving forms and how it continues to shape global...

Published: Jan 2005

The Fourth Revolution: The Global Rac...

John Micklethwait

From the bestselling authors of The Right Nation, a visionary argument that our current crisis in government is nothing less than the fourth radical transition in the history of the nation-stateDysfunctional government: It's become ...

Published: Jul 2015
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