Recommended True Crime CD Audioooks

Bitter Harvest: A Woman's Fury, a Mot...

Ann Rule

The true story of a wealthy female doctor who killed two of her children and tried to slowly poison her husband. A noted true-crime writer, Ann Rule shows how the doctor's relaxed manner, especially during her interviews with the poli...

Abridged CD
Published: Feb 2005

Death's Acre: Inside the Legendary Fo...

William M. Bass

A leading forensic anthropologist traces his sometimes grisly work at his Tennessee "body farm" lab and cites his contributions to the investigations of several murder cases as well as his theories about such famous cases as...

Abridged CD
Published: Oct 2003

History Decoded: The Ten Greatest Con...

Brad Meltzer

Adapted from Decoded, Meltzer's hit show on the HISTORY network, History Decoded explores fascinating, unexplained questions. Is Fort Knox empty? Why was Hitler so intent on capturing the Roman 'Spear of Destiny'? What's the governmen...

Unabridged CD
Published: Oct 2013

Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Be...

Ben Mezrich

Thad Roberts, a fellow in a prestigious NASA program had an idea—a romantic, albeit crazy, idea. He wanted to give his girlfriend the moon. Literally.   Thad convinced his girlfriend and another female accomplice, both NASA interns...

Unabridged CD
Published: Jul 2011

Public Enemies

Bryan Burrough

The astonishing true story of America's first and greatest 'War on Crime.' In Public Enemies, Bryan Burrough strips away a thick layer of myths put out by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI to tell the full story of the most spectacular crime wa...

Abridged CD
Published: Jul 2004

In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

Truman Capote’s masterpiece, IN COLD BLOOD, a sterling early example of the New Journalism, was part of an evolving genre that filtered events both big and small through the writer’s own experiences and feelings. IN COLD B...

Unabridged CD
Published: Jan 2006

My Story

Elizabeth Smart

For the first time, ten years after her abduction from her Salt Lake City bedroom, Elizabeth Smart reveals how she survived and the secret to forging a new life in the wake of a brutal crimeOn June 5, 2002, fourteen-year-old Elizabet...

Unabridged CD
Published: Sep 2013

Cemetery John: The Undiscovered Maste...

Robert Zorn

For seventy-five years, the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's infant son has gone unsolved. Evidence, opinion, and logic have discredited the notion that Bruno Richard Hauptmann-electrocuted in 1936-acted alone. In this met...

Unabridged CD
Published: Jul 2012

The Hour of Peril: The Secret Plot to...

Daniel Stashower

DIV/DIVPB“It's history that reads like a race-against-the-clock thriller.”/BB—/BIHarlan Coben/I/PPDaniel Stashower, the two-time Edgar award–winning author of IThe Beautiful Cigar Girl/I, uncovers the riveting true story of t...

Unabridged CD
Published: Feb 2013

Heart Full of Lies: A True Story of D...

Ann Rule

True-crime specialist Rule here examines the murder of Chris Northon in 2000. Northon’s wife, Liysa, was convicted of the crime, though she claimed that she shot him in self defense. Rule delves into Liysa’s past (both rea...

Abridged CD
Published: Jul 2006

Armed and Dangerous: The Hunt for One...

William Queen

From the New York Times bestselling author of Under and Alone comes an intimate and riveting account of federal law-enforcement agent William Queen’s relentless hunt for one of America’s most cold-blooded criminals.As an a...

Abridged CD
Published: Jul 2007

If You Only Knew

M. William Phelps

When Vonlee "Nicole" Titlow and her aunt, Billie Jean Rogers, came home from a night of gambling in a casino near Detroit, they told police they found Billie's husband unconscious on the floor of the Rogers' mansion. Just an...

Unabridged CD
Published: Jul 2016

Prophet's Prey: My Seven-Year Investi...

Sam Brower

Despite considerable press coverage and a lengthy trial, the full story of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints has remained largely untold. Only one man can reveal the whole, astounding truth: Sam Brower, the private invest...

Unabridged CD
Published: Sep 2011

Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper

Geoffrey Gray

"I have a bomb here and I would like you to sit by me." That was the note handed to a stewardess by a mild-mannered passenger on a Northwest Orient flight in 1971. It was the start of one of the most astonishing whodunits i...

Unabridged CD
Published: Mar 2011


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