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The Emperor of Ocean Park

Stephen L. Carter

Years ago, Oliver Garland--an African-American judge--was nominated to the Supreme Court, but was unable to accept because of a shocking scandal. Now he is dead, and one of his legacies is another scandal, the details of which are enc...

Published: May 2003

The Jury

Steve Martini

Attorney Paul Madriani is called in to defend Dr. David Crone, a brilliant, respected medical researcher and leader in the mapping of the human genome, after Crone is accused of killing a young colleague, Kalista Jordan, an African-Am...

Published: Jun 2002


John Lescroart

Dismas Hardy agrees to take an appeal to overturn the murder conviction of National Guard reservist Evan Scholler. Scholler had plenty of reasons for revenge—but as Dismas delves into the case, he begins to uncover a terrible truth ...

Published: Jan 2009

The Oath

John Lescroart

Attorney Dismas Hardy is hurled into a world of greed and violence when he makes a horrifying discovery, which threatens his family and his long-standing friendship with homicide lieutenant Abe Glitsky, while representing Dr. Eric Ken...

Published: Jan 2003

Terminal City

Linda Fairstein

Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper returns in the new breakneck thriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Death Angel who once again captures the essence of New York City—its glamour, its history, its possibilities, and its en...

Published: Aug 2015

Tuesday's Child

Fern Michaels

Second ChancesTen years have passed since young nurse Sophie Lee was accused of murdering her wealthy patient, Audrey Star. Georgia attorney Mikala Aulani believed her innocence--and Adam Star's guilt--but the prosecution convinced...

Published: Mar 2015

A Thin Difference

Frank Turner Hollon

Jack Skinner, a thrice-divorced southern Alabama criminal defense lawyer with alimony problems, finds himself representing Brad Caine, a stranger with a positive cash flow indicted for the murder of wealthy Haddie Charles, an elderly ...

Published: Sep 2005

The Second Chair (Dismas Hardy)

John Lescroart

Bored with his life as a legal consultant, lawyer Dismas Hardy agrees to be the second chair for a case being tried by his associate, Amy Wu. Having made a serious legal error, Amy is dependent on Dismas to save her client--a 17-year-...

Published: Jan 2005

The Associate

Phillip Margolin

Young attorney Daniel Ames is fired from his firm after mistakenly giving out damaging, top-secret documents that could cause a major client, Geller Pharmaceuticals, to lose a gargantuan lawsuit. Ames feels that he was set up, and, fu...

Published: Aug 2002

Unlucky in Law (Nina Reilly)

Perri O'Shaughnessy

In Nina O'Reilly's tenth suspenseful outing, the attorney is temporarily away from her home turf in Lake Tahoe, staying with her boyfriend, P. I. Paul van Wagoner, in Monterey, and sorting out how to respond to his marriage proposal. ...

Published: Mar 2005

The Suspect

John Lescroart

When Dr. Caryn Dryden is found floating dead in her hot tub, homicide inspector Devin Juhle targets a suspect close to home: her husband, Stuart Gorman. After all, Stuart was recently asked for a divorce . . . and he stands to gain mi...

Published: Jan 2008

The Queen of the South

Arturo Perez-Reverte

Working as a pilot for cocaine smugglers in Mexico, Teresa Mendoza's boyfriend G'ero flirts with death on a daily basis, and they both know his days are numbered. When the inevitable occurs, Teresa is forced to flee for her life--and ...

Published: Jun 2005

Devil's Bridge (An Alexandra Cooper N...

Linda Fairstein

In her seventeenth Alexandra Cooper thriller, New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein takes readers where they have never been before: Inside the mind of NYPD Detective Mike Chapman.The Manhattan waterfront is one of New Yo...

Published: Jun 2016

Plain Truth

Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult has touched readers deeply with her acclaimed novels, such as Keeping Faith and The Pact. Gifted with 'a remarkable ability to make us share her characters' feelings' (People), Picoult now explores the complex choices of ...

Published: Aug 2007

A Plague of Secrets (Dismas Hardy)

John Lescroart

An Dismas Hardy, Abe Glitsky, and Wyatt Hunt return When high-grade marijuana is found on a coffee-shop manager murdered in San Francisco, it suggests that the shop's owner, Maya Townshend, may be behind more than a caffeine fix. But ...

Published: Jun 2010

Suspicion of Deceit

Barbara Parker

After turning down a lucrative partnership in a prestigious Miami law firm to start her own business, Gail has become engaged to Anthony--her longtime friend and lover. Embarking on this new life together inevitably opens the door to ...

Published: Apr 1999

Lily White

Susan Isaacs

Meet Lily White, Long Island criminal defense lawyer. Smart, savvy, and down-to-earth, Lee can spot a phony the way her haughty mother can spot an Armani. Enter handsome career con man Norman Torkelson, charged with strangling his la...

Published: Jul 2008


Elizabeth Gaffney

In a melange of OLIVER TWIST and GANGS OF NEW YORK, Elizabeth Gaffney's novel brings to life the Five Points neighborhood of mid-19th-century New York City, complete with pickpockets, whores, immigrants, murderers, and variously twist...

Published: Feb 2006


Scott Turow

A former criminal defense attorney, George Mason, serving as a judge on Kindle County's Court of Appeal, is faced with a troubling rape case involving a horrific case of sexual assault that forces him to question the very nature of th...

Published: Nov 2006

The Professor

Robert Bailey

Law professor Thomas Jackson McMurtrie literally wrote the book on evidence in the state of Alabama. But when a power-hungry colleague uses a recent run-in between McMurtrie and headstrong student Rick Drake to end his career, he is l...

Published: Aug 2015

No Way to Die (Cal Claxton Oregon Mys...

Warren C. Easley

When nothing is as it seems, can the truth survive?Attorney Cal Claxton, now well-established in his Oregon law practice after breaking off his career as a high-powered LA prosecutor, just wants to go fishing with his daughter, Claire...

Published: Oct 2019


Michael Hewes

In the days after Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi attorney and author Michael Hewes returned to his former home only to find it destroyed. Sitting amongst the wreckage was a binder that contained intimate photos of a couple he didn't k...

Published: Apr 2016

The Wall

Mary Roberts Rinehart

A murder at a seaside estate brings a wealthy family’s buried conflicts to the surfaceMarcia Lloyd and her brother Arthur have spent every summer of their lives exploring the grand halls and seaside grounds of their family&rsqu...

Published: May 2021

Cash Landing

James Grippando

The New York Times bestselling author of Cane and Abe and Black Horizon blends Goodfellas and Elmore Leonard in this wild, suspenseful caper inspired by actual events, in which a band of amateur thieves pulls off one of the biggest ai...

Published: Feb 2016

The Hearing

John Lescroart

When the police find Cole Burgess crouched over Elaine Wager's body on a deserted San Francisco street, they don't have to look very far for means, motive, and the assumption of guilt. The heroin junkie is carrying the gun that kil...

Published: Feb 2002

The First Law (Dismas Hardy)

John Lescroart

Assigned to a desk job after recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound, lieutenant Abe Glitsky becomes involved in the investigation into a murdered family friend when the prime suspect's lawyer turns to him for help, a request that ...

Published: Jan 2004

Motion to Suppress

Perri O'Shaughnessy

A sexy cocktail waitress accused of killing her abusive husband...A hard-hitting female lawyer taking on the toughest case of her career...In their fight for justice, they must also fight a system where women rarely win. Nonstop excit...

Published: Jul 1996

Dead in the Water

Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods has created no better known or loved character than the ex-cop, Manhattan attorney, and investigator, Stone Barrington, whose work treads the thin line between the respectable practice of law and the dark side of humanity...

Published: Apr 2009

New England White

Stephen L. Carter

Lemaster Carlyle, the president of the country's most prestigious university, and his wife, Julie, the divinity school's deputy dean, are America's most prominent and powerful African American couple. Driving home through a swirling b...

Published: Jul 2008

The Client

John Grisham

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLEREleven-year-old Mark Sway and his younger brother are sharing a forbidden cigarette when a chance encounter with a suicidal lawyer leaves Mark knowing a bloody and explosive secret: the whereabouts of the m...

Published: Feb 1994
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